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"Give Us Hope"
Jason Jinx Production

MIXMAG — June 2001

Tribal? Disco? Philtered, chucked-up FX with whooshing white noise and farting sub-bass? This record has none of the above, thank God. In a world in search of that perfect rave moment, Jason Jinx has found time to deliver an endlessly repetitive, beautifully soothing house groove. Thanks, Mr. Jinx, for bringing us all back to earth. A real smoker’s delight. FT

IDJ — May 2001

A pleasant enough shuffling plane tinkler from Jason ‘Jinx’ which does what it does in simple but effective style. Those who prefer deeper climbs might prefer his Elements mix or the instrumental which both ditch the planos for an altogether warmer feel. Those who fancy themselves as handy mixers will like the inclusion of two acapellas. JT

JOCKEY SLUT — May 2001

Deep house with a gospel vocal sample. Yep, you’ve heard it before. But, ‘Give Us Hope’ is executed with restraint, never going to far, with the vocal playing second fiddle to the warm bassline, blurred hi-hats and gritty strings. And there’s a pleasant swing to the Rhythm, which feels live in a Moodymann kinda way. Indeed the B-side uses the KDJ mumble, Oh and check the run out for a nice pit of pella action. CB





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