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Pete Moss
"In Your Head"/
"What We Had"

DJ — May 2001

If you like the old-fashioned house values of Drop Music and Mood II Swing then you’ll love this from Pete Moss. Featuring a snippet of vocal hook and an ocean-deep b line. ‘In Your Head’ is perfect for those Midlands free party goers as the sun starts to shine. A bit faster than the Inland Knights, there's plenty of drive to back up the emotion and keep things funky. ‘What We Had’ is more of the same with added pads and layers of simple melodies. It’s just like the old days. JK

MIXMAG - June 2001

Fast-rising star Moss turns out another impeccable belter. In garage loving early-90's days gone by, this combination of rumbling bassline, repetitive vocal sample and minor chord Rhodes riff would have been hailed as a floorfilling work of genius and have landed the Mosster a shedload of fat major label remixing. FT

WAX — July 2001

DJ’s love this sort of house music. No nonsense dancefloor tracks that have enough musicality to outshine the current crop of faceless tech house DJ tracks. Catchy vocal hook featured on both tracks, as do very good dancefloor drums, tight programming, on bouncy bassline and enough sould to make the non DJ ing deep house heads happy. HM

BLUES & SOUL - May 2001

Satisfyingly slamming, Pete Moss's "In Your head" is a deep house delight with a slightly old skool Fantazia feel. A speed-garagey bassline thuds through the track, pausing in all the riht places and hitting the right notes every time, while the vocals and percussion keep it all flowing along nicely. Perfect for a late night session, "What We Had" on the flipside uses similar effects to similar effect: You just wanna dance. Albiet in a shuffly "What We Had" end of the evening sort of way. Expect to hear this in trendy bars where the boys wear Dunlop Green Flash and the girls wear 80's retro gear. Wicked! (I'll see you all there). AA

MIXER - June 2001

"Philly DJ and producer Pete Moss continues to drop quality deep house with the unique Moss vibe. Pete serves up tough beats on"In Your Head," giving it a UK Garage feel with a warped, whooping bassline that’s sure to groove your crowd. Warm keys, sparse vocal samples and dreamy atmospheres are sure to please house heads on a global scale. "What We Had" is a deep chugger with a minimal house groove, again, some short vocal samples that continue to build throughout the track. A very tasty slab of deep house wax. 10 OUT OF 10!" – KERED




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