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"Warning" b/w
"Little Friends"

M8 — July 2001

As one half of Universal Agents G-Pal reached considerable heights, expecially with his last Ovum release "West Of Athens." More recently he’s been recording on Bedrock and Yoshitoshi, so now he’s back and the boys at Ovum must be most happy. "Warning" is a minimal chugging tribal groove, roling out tough percussion, hissing hats and chunky beats. Head down dancefloor gear. "Little Friends" on the flip takes things deeper and more soulful. Should be checked.

SEVEN — June 2001

G-Pal is building quite a reputation for himself, what with releases on Yoshitoshi, Bedrock and last years album ‘Life’ on Plastic City. ‘Warning’ sees him back on Ovum in sparse tribal style, while ‘Little Friends’ on the flip is deeper and more musical with distant pads floating around a gentle piano hook, giving off the feel of a lush island setting. DT

DJ - June 2001

Ovum are on fire at the moment. Following Wink's insane "Evil Acid" comes a totally different type of release from G-Pal. If you're familiar with the Greek producer's melodic work, then the spacey, trancey keys of 'Little Friends' will be a familiar, welcome sound. Meanwhile, the title track sees G-Pal go darker, with a moody, linear tech-house groove. Wicked, as they say in Athens.



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