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"Evil Acid"

DJ - June 2001
It's been a long time since Josh Wink last released a 303 led track - 'Higher States" - and 'Evil Acid' sees him dust down his Roland and tweek those frequencies again. The original version has grungy beats and a huge build that has already attracted mainstream attention from the likes of 'Tong.' But it's 'Version 2' with it's more subtle, percussive and funky approach that gets my vote.

MIXMAG - July 2001
Never again will I doubt Josh Wink. I loved 'Don't Laugh,' 'I'm Ready' and 'Higher States' ...'Evil Acid' is like translating the 'Higher States...' decades into a post-apocalyptic future, where only 303's are left alive, hopelessly living out their last days screaming at a blackened sky. Amazing. VC.

MINISTRY - July 2001
Slowly, surely, Josh Wink has worked his way back into the dance nation's (higher state of) consciousness. As the title suggests, 'Evil Acid' is a dirty, paranoid, screaming assault on the senses. Flying by the seat of his pants, Josh tweaks the 303 knobs with zeal. Genius? Oh yes. SW

JOCKEY SLUT- July 2001
A taster for Wink's forthcoming album, 'Evil Acid' essentially works the same ground as other acid tart anthems like 'Higher State of Consciousness' and 'Acperience'. Which is to say it 's a squelchy 303 builder incorporating most of the usual tricks for maximum club impact. Two versions are included, but both run along the same lines. Functional, yes and undeniably effective.

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