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Rulers Of The Deep
"Track One"
(Dedicated to DJ Dozia)


M8 - December 2001

Moody building deepness from Estonia of all places. Head straight for the main cut "Track One" which despite an overly long intro breaks halfway through into a samptuous epic, atmospheric, Eric Kupper-style piano and synth groove. Probably Ovum's strongest release since it's Universal Agents outing and one that should put Rulers Of The Deep on the map.

Hot Press - November 2001

Deep house from the up-and-coming Rulers. The a-side is a subtle slow-builder with some gentle keys, deep b-line and a nice dash of get up and go, and there's a reprise and some bonus beats on the flip.

DJ - November 2001

Estonian Duo DJ Meri and DJ P Julm deliver a slice of good old fashioned deep house. There's certainly nothing particularly new going on in "Track One" but the carefully-worked groove sounds good all the same, with slamming beats, chiming pianos and freestyle jazz guitar riffz to make it happen. A laidback "Reprise" version and a "Bonus Beats" drum track are also included for jocks who are feeling a little creative.

Echoes - December 2001

And I could say much the same for the groovesome little thing on the eclectic (or should that be 'unpredictable'?) Ovum label. House music that's deep, but won't make you sleep. One to check.

Muzik - November 2001

Josh Wink's rejuvinated Ovum label has gone from strength to strength over the past year and these two releases are perfect samples of their brand of tough, electronic sould music."Rulers Of The Deep", as you would imagine, is in a more aquatic house style, working a 16B meets Nugroove cut.





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