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Audio Dub Odyssey
"This Dub"
Pete Moss Mirage Mix

Echoes - April 2002

Highly atmostpheric, spacious tribal number on the a-side, brisling with raw energy, and an excellent remix from Pete moss on the flip that lightens things slightley without losing the basic feel.

Mix Mag - April 2002

It's the Mirage Mix by the venerable Pete Moss that turns this record out. It's still as dubby as Roy "Dubby" Brown, but Moss gives it some purpose, a bit of propulsion and bags of soul. I don't know about anyone else but right now I'm feeling Pete Moss. Not literally, mind.







SNS Project "Give Us Hope"

Pete Moss "In Your Head"/ "What We Had"

Wink "Evil Acid"

G-Pal "Warning"/"Little Friends

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