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SNS Project feat. Lola Robinson
"Get Up"
Rulers Of The Deep Remixes

DJ - March 2002

Ovum release material that is taileor-made for the harder dancefloors, then occasionally they turn out a downright stormin' cut for the funkier floors. 'Get Up' is one such release. On 'Jink's Joystick Dub' the percussion shuffles along with loads of swing, whilst the bass plays a simple configuration but with all the bounce of a 20 ft. long elastic band. Small vocal parts are scattered here and there and sometimes looped into stunted clicks. On the 'Main Mix', Lola Robinson's voice is processed in the same way that Cher favoured on her house efforts. The notes are eloctronically bent and here the results are even more interesting than the results acheived by Cher's producer. 'Rulers Of The Deep Mix' is where things really get busy. Tom Toms and the kick start the party right before sweeping keys carpet the backing like thick dust traveling after a demolition job. They are so chilled and set out a soulful stage for Lola Robinson, who sounds as though she is feelin' this deep, deep vibe big time. That bass is back and keys are scorched deep in the mix like a branding iron. More of the same comes in the 'Reprise', where some great breakdowns highlight the delicious keys.

7 Magazine - February 2002

Ovum kick off 2002 in fine style with obth this and equally hot "This Dub" 12" from Audio Dub Odyssey. Like the previous SNS single 'Give Us Hope' the main mix skirts around average house territory. Estonia's superb Rulers Of The Deep to turn in the killer fub. Super deep pads, jerky hbeats and smooth effects give the vocal a much needed lift, souping up the song into a slightly rough round the gills Naked Music-style effort.

Jockey Slut - April 2002

Jason 'Joystick' Jinx with another hoady mix of powerful driving drums and swirly synths, not to mention the great vocals, not to mention the great vocals with he's inexplicably Cher-ed up. The real action is on the flip, though, with definite name-to-keep-an-eye-on Rulers Of The Deep providing a jaw droppingly good interpretation where pouding tom toms, rich synth washes and a driving bass underpin the super catchy vocals to devasting affect.







SNS Project "Give Us Hope"

Pete Moss "In Your Head"/ "What We Had"

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