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Ovum Miami 2017 Fri, 24 Feb 2017 23:17:29 +0000 Ovum Miami 2017 
Josh Wink
Ellen Allien

Sunday,  March 26, 2017
Heart Nightclub 50 NE 11th Street Downtown Miami

OVUM Miami: 21st Annual Party Sat, 27 Feb 2016 02:05:05 +0000 OVUM_Miami2016_IG_rev

Josh Wink & Friends
March 17th,2016

@Do No Sit On The Furniture
423 16th Street, Miami Beach

Winter Warmers 3 Tue, 21 Jan 2014 17:16:07 +0000 Ovum_ww3Slide

Ambivalent & Michael L Penman debuts on Ovum with their SHIMMER EP Tue, 20 Aug 2013 22:58:45 +0000 OVM230
Ambivalent & Michael L Penman
Shimmer EP




Having found a very fruitful collaborative friendship, Michael L Penman and Ambivalent (aka Kevin McHugh) have begun exploring the intersection of their approaches to music-making.

For their Ovum debut the duo have delivered a trio of tracks that have those three elements at their core. Title track Shimmer brings together raw jackin’ funk with a warm driving bassline and scything techy stabs whilst Chevalier matches its fun bouncy groove with an infectious and spritely melody. Final track Memogram comes heavy with the oldskool, delivering a bed of beats and samples across the very heaviest of acid-kicks.  Not for the feint of heart!

HUGE SUPPORT FROM Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Josh Wink, HUXLEY, Satoshie Tomie, Doc Martin, Luca Bacchetti, Anja Schneider, Nicole Moudaber, Marc Romboy, Carlo Lio, Uner, Andrew Grant, Stephan Bodzin, Gary Beck, Karotte, Gregor Tresher, Michel De Hey, Steve Parker, Kenny Larkin, Monika Cruise, Danny Howells and more!!!

Adam Beyer – “This is a nice Ovum release… Shimmer is well tight!! Supporting!”

Gregor Tresher – “Shimmer sounds like the perfect kick-off track for a set. Love how it´s arranged. Can’t wait to play this.”

Karotte – “Shimmer and Chevalier are great for the floor! I LOVE them!”

Luca Bacchetti – “What a super ep! Every single track is gonna be good for me but Shimmer is maybe my fav. Score!”

Huxley – “Shimmer is real quality!!! Will be playing this for sure!!”

Dan Curtin – “Killer intro on Shimmer, love the push and tempo, bassline is dope. Chevalier, is individualistic and alive, perfect for my sets, and Memogram will be a blast to play, organic and party, but still serious groove…great production on all of these too, one of my fav EPs of late, all tracks getting support!”

Stephan Bodzin – “Wow yeah, that’s a big one. Love that ep, will play out Shimmer for sure!!”

Doc Martin – “This is SERIOUS!!! Ambivalent always delivers the goods for me!!”

Uner – “OMG!!! Love this shit! Super EP 10/10!!! Can’t to destroy Ibiza with these. Chevalier!!”

Anja Schneider – “WOOOOOOWW this is great!! I LOVE Shimmer!!”


Nacho Marco debuts on Ovum with his “GHOSTS” EP Fri, 26 Jul 2013 23:33:36 +0000

OVM230Nacho Marco – GHOSTS EP



Nacho Marco debuts on Ovum with his GHOSTS EP

Nacho Marco is one of the most respected dj/producer in the Spanish electronic music scene. Having started djing at the age of 15, Nacho now has over 20 years of experience in dance music.

1999 saw Nacho’s first recording for labels such as Alola, Future Groove, and Shinichi and 2007 he launched his own label, Loudeast Records, with collaborations with The Time Writer, Terry Lee Brown JR, and more.  Since it inception the label has worked with artists such as Fred Everything, KiNK, and Mark Broom. Nacho has also branched out with releases on OM, Freerange, Plastic City and Pacha.

For his Ovum debut Nacho delivers a very diverse three track EP that is a perfect Summer fit.  The EP opens with the bubbling Acid tones of title track “Ghosts” before showcasing Nacho’s diversity by plunging us into the gorgeously deep “Friday Night”. He closes out the release with the groovin’ and delicious house cut, “The Way Out”.  Let the music play!

HUGE SUPPORT FROM Josh Wink, Joris Voorn, James Zabiela, Soul Clap, Satoshie Tomie, KiNK, D’julz, Marcus Worgul, Lovebrids, Fred Everything, Luca Bacchetti, Luke Solomon, MANIK, Karizma, Danny Daze, Adam Port, Funk D’Void, Zdar, Kiki, Sasse, and so many more!!!

KiNK – “There is too much music, inspired by the past right now, including some of my works, but when the music is right, we have to remain silent and listen! Great record by Nacho Marco, we can hear influences, but what is more obvious is his good taste of music and wicked production skills.”

Soul Clap – “Friday Night… lovely deeeeep aciiiiid!!”

Joris Voorn – “Friday Night sounds like 90’s Evolution Records, which is a good thing!”

Sebo K – “Ok, I’m a man of few words, but this is a cool ep from Nacho! Ghosts and The Way Out will get played!”

James Zabiela – “Ghosts is an AWESOME record!! ”

Luke Solomon – “Great EP, Great Producer. Love this release!!”

Marcus Worgull – “Ghosts is the one!! Nice oldschool track for my sets.”

Luca Bacchetti – “Ghosts is so powerful! So Ovum! Friday NIght and The Way Out explore a different world, liking their deepness, such a beautiful journey. Def a great EP! Bravo Nacho!”

Rainer Trueby – “Friday Night.. YES! I feeeel this…”

Karizma – “Totally in love with The Way Out!!”

Manik – “Ghosts is sick! Love it! Friday Night is dope too!”

Danny Daze – “Sick… SO SICK!!! Ghosts my pick.”

Lovebirds (Basti) – “Great production as always from Nacho J Friday Night the fav for me.”

Till von Sein – “Another winner from Ovum. Dig all 3 trax.. The Way Out and Ghosts will get the plays and Friday Night is the one for “those kinda moments”.. wow!!!”

Funk D’Void – “Fucking surprised….and amazed! Thank you Nacho!”

Zdar (Cassius) – “I LOVE The Way Out… a great record!”


Eight years since his last Ovum EP release and David Alvarado is back with the Land Of The Sunchild EP on Ovum. Thu, 11 Jul 2013 16:18:00 +0000 OVM230American born and Los Angeles bred DJ, producer, and artist David Alvarado continues a career that has spanned over 15 years, and is still considered to be one of electronic music’s best kept secrets. He is best known for his work on some of the worlds most respected imprints such as Ovum, Ultra, Peacefrog, Yoshitoshi, Plastic City, Strictly Rhythm, and Guidance, along with his early work on his own label Bomb Records.

David began his career as a DJ running a renegade sound system and deejaying underground parties around the Los Angeles area. He quickly made an impact on the American electronic music scene with his unique style and signature music selection. His work as a producer and artist began to take root after a chance meeting with the legendary Plus 8 duo, Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva, who stumbled across one of his very first works and invited him to be a part of their newly formed Definitive Records. From there David forged relationships, and created a body of work that would take him around the world, opening the door to performances at legendary clubs and events such as The Ministry of Sound, The Hacienda, E-Werk, Tresor, Florida 135, Row Club, Panorama Bar, The Arches, Extrema Festival, Sonar.

David returns to Ovum after a 8 year hiatus from releasing on the label. His “Klugh” release still is regarded as one of the seminal tracks on the label and is still played today. David returns with a two track techno workout that should rock any dance-floor.

HUGE SUPPORT FROM Loco Dice, John Digweed, Adam Beyer, Josh Wink, Paco Osuna, Luca Bacchetti, Shlomi Aber, Carlo Lio, D’julz, Gregor Tresher, Luca Bacchetti, Marc Romboy, Steve Rachmad and so many more!!!

Loco Dice– “DOPE!!!!!!”

Adam Beyer – “Really liking this new release from David. Nice and deep music.”

Paco Osuna – “Ysleta is suuuuper nice. Will play for sure. Big support to David J”

Carlo Lio – “This is really dope.. Really feeling Nita here.. Ysleta is great as well.. will be killing this ep!”

Marc Romboy – “Ysleta is totally sick!!! Mad! Krank! Kaputt! Maniac! Love love love it!!!”

Rolando – “David bringing the HEAT!!! both tracks are Dope!!”

Shlomi Aber – “Superb Ep from David!! Ysleta is the pick here for me.”

Funk D’Void – “Welcome back David! Two trademark Alvarado grooves, still sounding unique after all these years. Working well for me.”

Layo – “Always loved David’s music, Ysleta is slamming!”

Steve Rachmad – “Great release from David!! I’ve been hammering both tracks for a while now.”

Gregor Tresher – “Really like the moody tension on Nita, got a great energy to it. Second track super nice as well! Can’t wait to play this tonight. Will be charting in my May top Ten.”

Norm Talley – “Solid stuff!! Straight dancefloor material!! Nice! Will support.”

Oliver Huntemann – “Wow, haven’t heard from Alvarado since ages. Loved his old material much and so I do now again. Fantastic single!”

Rob Da Bank (Radio 1) “Yowser…This is Fuckin Ace!”

Josh is back with his new “BALLS” EP Sat, 27 Apr 2013 03:25:09 +0000

Josh is back with his new BALLS EP, which Resident Advisor calls “an all guns blazing assault”. BALLS is Josh’s first release in four years since 2009’s When a Banana Was Just a Banana, and has so far been supported by Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, John Digweed, Adam Beyer, Tiga, Boys Noise, A-Trak, Joris Voorn, Laurent Garnier, SiriusXM Electric Area, and many more. Grab your copy at the links below.


Laurent Garnier: definitely like this a lot. very triply indeed.  Love the Strings mix.
Erol Alkan: that Big mix is huge!!!
Alex (Boyz Noise): i like the oldschool tribe vibe in it! Thanks so much!
John Digweed:  Hammering this.  Has been one of my biggest tracks.  When can I play it on my radio show.
Sven Vaeth:  Hammering this!
Richie Hawtin: Josh, Never replied about these tracks!  Just wanted to say they are great!  FULL FULL ON!  But happy to play them and destroy some dance floors!!!!
Joris Voorn:  Thats some crazy stuff Josh has been making! I can only imagine this will go off on the floor..
Nic Fanciulli: Love the groove mix. Works really well on the floor!!
Tiga: so, i love the track…… i mean i REALLY like teh groove, kinda slight break, slight hip house undertones…… i think it all builds great!Luke Slater – “I like this Josh! Gonna test it out…”
Adam Beyer: “This is trippy and so great!! 5/5 stuff from Josh!”
Kasper Bjorke – “This is one for the BIG rooms!! But its GREAT!!”
Psycatron – “This is fucking amazing, what proper techno is all about. So happy to hear Josh come out with this. Inspiring stuff.”
Scuba – “Nice stuff… Feeling the Groove mix a LOT!!”
Joris Voorn – “Really nice comeback Josh! Powerful tracks!”
Stephan Bodzin – “A KILLER builder…!!! Full play and chart action from me of course!”
Danny Howells – “No one ever doubted the size of Josh’s balls .. or his ability to make ultra-classy and unpredictable dance floor smashers! Absolutely love this .. cheers!”
Lele Sacchi – (InTheMix Rai 2, Italy) – “Not much to say: MEGAENORMOUS!!”
Diversions – (CHRY Toronto, Canada) – “I love the original – such an epic groover!!”
Clubbing Spain – Review confirmed
Ryan Elliott – “Liking the No Strings mix one guys. Will try it.”
Ambivalent – “Ballsy, ball-busting, ball-bearing, ball-breaking, balltastic ballsiness. Great stuff!”
Kaiserdisco – “OHHH YEAH!! MASSIVE TUNE! Already waiting for this! FULL SUPORT AS USUAL!”
Joel Mull – “Loving this Josh! Perfect tracks for me. Will be fun to play out and I’m sure they will rock the floor for a long time. Loving the playfulness and the ride it takes you on. All mixes are nice. Well done.”
Brendon Moeller – “Great jacking tracks from Josh! Looking forward to playing these out.”
Mixhell – “FUCK YEAH!!! JJ”
Santos – “I agree J OOOH this has BALLS! Bomb release!”
Billy Nasty – “Nice tuff galloping groove on the original from Josh Wink J”
Gregor Tresher – “It was about time! Big track as expected from Josh, will play everywhere!”
KiNK – “A new Wink track or remix is a celebration for me! What I love in his works are the nearly insane, experimental ideas, packed in the envelope of a perfect groove for the dance floor. This track fits in this rare category and I love it. Thank you Josh for still challenging us, with Balls!”
Christian Smith – “The original is pretty mental stuff from Josh J might be a little too crazy for my sets, but ill give the dub a try. Nice to see Josh making music again!”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Feeling the Groove Mix very good stuff Josh. Support!”
Norman Nodge – “Effective, well balanced tunes. Will play the No Strings Mix for sure.”
Dustin Zahn – “I’m going to have to download and have a closer listen, but new Josh Wink material is always welcome.”
James Zabiela – “This No Strings mix is BIG! Thank you for sending!””


Darko Esser – “Monster tune from Wink! Totally feeling the vibe, groove and production is BIG. Can’t wait to rinse this in clubs/festivals!”
Monika Kruse – “It is really different! Nice. Good breakdown! Josh has the balls!”
Yousef – “All about the groove mix! Was lucky enough to hear Winky drop this for the first time when we were in Brasil together before new year, I knew it was a big gun then and it is now. Good work JW.”
Dominik Eulberg – “I looooooove it! Fucking hell! Oh my god! What an energy! Haven’t heard a storm like this for a long while. Thank you so much for this Josh. In Germany we say: Was ein Brett!!! OMG and hallelujah…”
Guy Andrews – “Hilarious track title and fucking GREAT tune! Dishing out 5 stars for this one!!”
Wally Lopez – “HUGE!!! Bomb track!! 5/5”
Arnaud Rebotini – “This is great stuff, massive track! I will play it out.”
Maelstrom – “Masterpiece!”
DJ Feadz – “This is one Heavy record!!! Will play the No Strings mix! Thanks.”
Pär Grindvik – “Love it! How I’ve been waiting for new Josh material! It’s been like three years? Still play Hypnoslave and Everybody To The Sun all the time! Great, thanks!”
Layo – “Josh and acid, like eggs and bacon … perfect match…”
Ken Ishii – “WOW! Top track with solid and skilled edits. Will play it tonight straightaway.”
Samuel L Session – “Nice tracks – prefer the groove mix – its not 100% my thang as the sounds are quite trancey but it works thanks to the groove underneath. Will try and see… J”
Nick Warren – “Big BIG record… well done Josh!”
Gary Beck – “This is quality! Original Balls for me, look forward to playing this.”
Untold – “Epic journey – very raw and pure. Will play No Strings Mix at the right moment.”
Jon Rundell – “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah Josh! So good to hear some original stuff from you, love the hypnotic groove, you should stay away from the studio more often if this is the result J PS my balls are still bigger than yours and you know it…”
Dan Curtin – “Balls gets you from the start, love the drive and crunchy funk, definite play, Groove mix offers another mood for different situations, good to have the no strings mix too, will be using all at different times. Full support!”
Funk D’Void – “This is SICK!! Welcome back daddy!”
Yosifly – “Seriously great stuff, 5/5 from me. Thanks!”
Ben Sims – “That breakdown isn’t gonna work, is it? J Haha, mental stuff! Should have called it bollocks though J I’ll give it a blast, thanks!”
Karotte – “Bomba!! Heavy crazy groovy track. I like it. I think the crowd will be going nuts to this.”
Steve Parker – “Since I can remember I’ve always been a fan of Josh’s music, His music has the elements I love in a good track, great grooves, hypnotic sounds and it doesn’t follow trends. Balls totally was worth the 4 years waiting, class!”
Mr Jones – (Unsubscribe) – “The Groove of this EP brings me way back. Old school touch, like the Groove mix – No strings version.”
Thomas Von Party – “Totally into this, groovy trancey dope! Hard to pick a favourite.”
Marc Romboy – “A top tool as only Josh can provide! Massive!”
Michel De Hey – “Not so sure about the size of his balls… I know where he is from:) but the record is great!”
Len Faki – “Very hypnotic! Good having Josh back with a new production!”
Tommy Four Seven – “So great to hear new Winks!! 5/5!!”
Alan Fitzpatrick – “This is a great EP from Josh! I think the groove mix is best! Gonna test it!”


Alix Alvarez – Elixr EP Mon, 08 Apr 2013 20:09:15 +0000
OVUM_228Jacket_DigitalAlix Alvarez – Elixr EP 1) No Loss 2) BDRK 3) Champion Sound 4) Treat Me


Available Digitally at Beatport:



Is it any wonder that Alix Alvarez’s music is held in such when we consider that the New Yorker learnt his trade under the watchful eyes and ears of many of house musics true visionaries. During his youth his home city was the heartbeat of house music and having ignited an interest in production he signed up to the Institue of Audio Research. Upon graduating he was given the amazing opportunity to work as an assitant sound engineer at the legendary MAW Studios. Alix took the opportunity to the fullest, learning his trade from the great Little Louie Vega and Kenny Dope Gonzales and befriending further mentors including Sandy Rivera and Osunlade. At MAW Studios Alix also met Mr. V and things really started to take off and the combination lead to his first club hit, 2007s Da Bump.  Alixs debut on Ovum has been a process that goes back well over a year.  Being fans of his production we reached out to him for a remix of Shlomi Abers NY Dreamer.  The result was a multi week stint at the top of the Beatport Deep House Sales chart and incredible support from his peers.  Since that time Alix has been working on his debut release for Ovum, the Elixr EP.  This release shows the diveristy of Alixs amazing production skills and the end result is a spectacular four tracker that effortlessly glides us from the beautiful deep and warm vibes of No Loss to the jittery vocal skills of  Treat Me, via the analog gem BDRK and Josh Wink favourite Champion Sound. Debuts dont get much better. Class.Huge Support from:  Josh Wink, Raresh, Joris Voorn, Damian Lazarus, Uner, Steve Bug, Soul Clap, Lee Burridge, Justin Martin, D’julz, Jazzanova, M A N I K, Sascha Dive, Doc Martin, Till Von Sein and more!!!!

Joris Voorn
 – “I love the No Loss track!! Champion sound also amazing!!”
Raresh – “Champion Sound for me but all the tracks have the ‘touch’ in one way or another J”
Marc Romboy – “Really great tune! Summer can come, no, must come!!!”
Damian Lazarus – “Liking the BDRK and the Treat Me tracks… looking forward to trying these out tonight! J”
Lee Burridge – “No Loss is an absolute WINNER for me!!! Support!”
Justin Martin – “I am absolutely in love with this whole ep! All of it! J”
Joel Alter – “Wow finally a great 4-tracker (thank god no remixes) No Loss is perfect deephouse. Really like Treat Me too, nice vocal house with a modern feel to it. Thanks!”
Sebo K – “Yeah, I’m totally in love with this! Especially Treat Me.”
MANIK – “Awesome stuff here from Ovum. Will def play BDRK and the others are cool too. Thx Alix.”
Sascha Dive – AMAZING RELEASE!!!! I NEED this on vinyl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Psycatron – (BBC Ulster) – “Amazing ep, from deep to melodic this totally nails them all. BDRK is proper killer!”
Fred Everything – “Nice and simple, as it should be and nice variety of sounds from Alix. My pick is No Loss, with its hypnotic mood || style groove. thx!”
Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) – “Someone somewhere will be playing this on a rooftop in Miami and sadly it wont be me L Great record.”
Danny Howells – “Stunning release, and perfect for Miami .. all great but adore No Loss and BDRK – cheers!”
Peter Kruder – “BDRK is a very good record, i like the way it builds. Will play this!”
Dan Curtin – “Awesome and moody techno, with a nice fat sound, definite support!”
Tedd Patterson – “Always been a fan of Alix. This is a very nice sample of what he does best. Deep and sexy and fresh!”
Tobi Neumann – “Outstanding! 4 tracks and all have something special.. a sunny & trippy vibes. Can‘t wait to play this tracks. Another Ovum for my collection. Need this on vinyl.”
Tiefschwarz (Basti) – “This is such a great release from Alix. I like BDRK most on first listen. Support!”
Chris Tietjen – “Champion Sound is KILLER!!! Playing this!”
Lele Sacchi – (InTheMix, Rai 2, Italy) – “Lush beautiful melodies by Alvarez. Love it!”
UNER – “Simply amazing!!! Ovum nails again!! Can’t choose only one track… so will play the full ep!!
Gregor Tresher – “Great & versatile EP! Treat Me my fav on first listen, but quality tracks overall. Can´t wait to play.”
Luke Solomon – “Oh…. Now I like BDRK loads. Support from me for sure… Cool EP overall too. Nice one Alix!”
Dusky – “We are really into BDRK and Treat Me on this release. Gonna try them out! J”

– (CHRY Toronto, Canada) – “The music definitely does the press release justice – this is a quality release, well crafted and executed – very cohesive but sonically dynamic – definitely feel in’ all four cuts here – fave is the addictive soulful house groover Treat Me!”
Jan – (Dance Dept. Radio 538, Holland) – “I smell SPRING!!! No Loss is a lovely tune.”
Larse – (Klubbing, WDR 1Live, Germany) – “Summer vibes!!! I love these… feel good inc!”
Greg – (Magazine Sixty/DMC World) – “Treat Me is ace, really solid groove and great percussive work.”
Alex Barck (Jazzanova) – “How good is this?! A very strong ep from Alix!”
Till von Sein – “Well, what else to expect from Alix.. big fan of all his productions. No Loss and Champion Sound will be hammered a lot in the next weeks/months. Perfect vibe setting jams for my sets.”
Soul Clap – “WOW! Alix Alvarez on Ovum, DEEP HOUSE 4 EVA! WE LOVE U OVUM!!!!! Another unexpected but totally amazing genre defying release. Please dont ever stop J BDRK our fav.”
D’Julz – “Super strong and diverse ep. I’ll play mostly Treat Me and Champion Sound.”
Fritz Zander – “Good to hear new stuff from Mr Alvarez. No Loss and Treat Me are very cool! Thanks!”
Doc Martin – “Brother doing it on a deep and Twisted tip!!! Treat Me!”
Trickski (Daniel) – “I have been a great fan of Alix for quite some time. Champion Sound is my fave to play!”
Satoshi Tomiie – “A cool 4 tracker from Alix and every single one is great! But BDRK works the best for me I think.”
Defected Radio – “Class. Alix Alvarez is a master and it shows here!”
Christillization Radio, Serbia – “Dope release from Alix, ‘BDRK’ and ‘Champion Sound’ are sooo good! Love Ovum!”
DocePulgadas Radio, Spain – “Great package! BDRK is for us!!”
SWR Dasding Radio, Germany – “Like the release and will feature it in the radio show.”
Klubbing – (WDR 1Live, Germany) – “No Love is the winner here.. great tune!”
Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine, Spain) – “Wow! Perfect! All tracks works right for me! Hard to choose one!”
Martin – (Raveline Magazine, Germany) – “Great one. Considering for review!”
Sergio – (Beatburguer, Spain) – “BDRK is wonderful! Amazing track!”
Vicious Magazine, Spain – “Complete release! BDRK and Treat Me are my faves here. Thanks so much.”

OVM-227 Ian Pooley & Spencer Parker “Thirty Six” EP is out now exclusively at Beatport Wed, 20 Feb 2013 21:20:08 +0000

OVUM_227Jacket“Thirty Six” EP is out now exclusively at Beatport
Since meeting in Berlin a few years ago, Spencer Parker and Ian Pooley have enjoyed long and prolific music careers both individually and as a duo, with past releases on Tsuba, Rekids, Cabin Fever and Plus 8 to name a few. Hitting the ground running in 2013, they return for another helping of underground house on Josh Wink’s Ovum imprint, following up from 2010’s Kinderteller EP.

Upon hearing the first two and a half minutes of Lerchen und Eulen you could be forgiven for thinking you were in for a potentially punishing workout. A relentless bass line undulates below 808 claps and ride cymbals, which in turn sit alongside a singular chord sequence that serve to lure the listener in. Then out of nowhere, they’re caught off guard with a secondary hook, creating a call-and-response pattern that somehow recontextualizes the entire song as a soulful beach-party groover, reinforced further by effervescent arpeggios and latin percussion.

“In My Head” itself is a masterful lesson in stripped-back, minimalist aesthetics. Pulsing synths dance around a driving, hypnotic drum-groove, with carefully controlled hi-hat volleys and skittering percussion underpinned by throbbing sub-weight. Mysterious androgynous vocal snippets drift in and out of the mix, swelling and morphing over the chugging bassline stabs that push the song ever forward. This, quite simply, is unadulterated; ‘lose-yourself-at-four-in-the-morning’ dance floor bliss, engineered with the guttural precision of two techno producers comfortably sitting at the top of their game.

Lerchen und Eulen (Radio Slave Remix) is a weird and wonderful trip, with a crisp, solid drum pattern being about the only element of the song, which manages to retain some sense of normalcy. Elsewhere, distant, spaced-out pads orbit around an unintelligible vocal sample, which positively drips with audio effects, to the extent that it appears to be bending its way through time and space itself. The mix is fleshed out with further unidentifiable sonic artifacts and eerie filtered strings, and the reversed chords in the breakdown only add to the off-kilter weirdness. They bring a strange warmth to the proceedings, before the hefty kick-drum/sub-bass combo punches back into the mix and the journey begins once more. Masterful stuff.

Joris Voorn – “In My Head is a great track! Also loving the Radio Slave mix here too! Very nice!”

Psycatron – “Love all three tracks but really REALLY love the Radio Slave mix, it’s Panorama Bar 10am vibes written all over it.”

D’Julz – “This is a great follow up release from Ian and Spencer!! I’ll be playing In My Head a lot!”

Craig (Silicone Soul) – “Really good feeling to this ep…Good originals and a great lowdown mix from Radio Slave too… mood is bang on!”

Ali (Tiefschwarz) – “I LOVE both of the originals and Radio Slave’s remix! A great Ovum release!!”

Carl Craig – “That Radio Slave remix is wonderfully freaky! Support!”

Rocco – “Always a nice long journey into the Deep with Radio Slave!”

Till von Sein – “Oh man, played the shit outta that Kinderteller joint… even had to force myself to take the cd outta the bag, otherwise I guess I would still drop it on the reg.. Lerchen and Eulen sounds like its the perfect follow up J… anthem alert…!”

Layo – “I love the original of Lerchen… such a great build to the track!”

Fritz Zander – “Good to see those two on Ovum again. Lerchen and Eulen is great as is the Radio Slave mix! Full support on these from me. Thanks!”

Behrouz – “In My Head and Radio Slave rmx will do it for me. Ian Pooley is on fire at the moment and Radio Slave rmx solid drum path great for the after hours.. full support.”

Karlos Sense – (Sonica FM, Ibiza) – “The finest of underground music… yeaaaah!!”

Diversions – (CHRY Toronto, Canada) – “Diggin’ the skittering rhythms of In My Head!

Partysan Magazine Stuttgart – “Radio Slave remix is PHAT!!!”

Beatburguer, Spain – “Lerchen un Eulen is a bomb!! Hit in your face!”

Trax Magazine, France – “Nice release! Lerchen und Eulen original and Radio Slave remix are strong.”

Little White Earbuds – “Thanks, will make available to LWE staff for potential review.” – “Radioslave remix is a 10 min journey out into space!”

Pete A – (DataTransmission/Ibiza Voice) – “A pretty heavy-weight collaboration here – exciting. The original mix of Lerchen und Eulen is great. That’s the one for me! Cheers!

Paul Corey – (Resident Advisor) – “Superior minimal funk from all involved here!”

Basti Schwarz – (Tiefschwarz) – “Great release… Ian is back on track. Great remix too. Super! Thanks.”

Anthony Collins – “In My Head is super nice, more quality and interesting stuff from Ovum.”

Hector Romero – “Lerchen und Eulen has got that wicked groove that’s gonna do really well for me.”

Tim Paris – “Radioslave remix is very nice!! Looking forward to trying it out.”

Tobi Neumann – “In My Head is a bomb tune, great! Thanks to the producers, again! I will play this for sure.”

Matthias Tanzmann – “Good stuff from the guys. At first listen I like the Radio Slave remix best but that could change J”

Jimpster – “Super solid EP, with all tracks standing out as something a bit special, certain to rock the disco nicely. Title track will be getting spun tonight for sure, yes indeedy.”

Danny Howells – “Wow what a killer release, although no surprise when you consider who made it. I’ll probably be playing every track from this. Thank you!”

Raresh – “Hmmm.. maybe the Radio Slave remix for me, but I’m gonna have to live with it for a while. Will let you know.”

Shlomi Aber – “The Radio Slave mix is simple and cool, the perfect balance!”

Luca Bacchetti – “Lerchen und Eulen will fit my sets with perfection! Classy with a touch of Latin, a little bit jazzy… thanks for this music!”

Greg (Catz ‘N Dogz)  – “Really good EP from Pooley & Parker, especially In My Head. Gonna be spinning that!”

Daniel (Trickski) – “Great, great, GREAT! I’m feeling both of the originals here. Will play this for sure!”

Nick Curly – “The next great release from these two… The original of Lerchen und Eulen is my fave here but everything is good! Thanks for that.”

Reboot – “BOMB ep!! What more can I say? Really feeling these, especially the remix.”

Darko Esser – “The Radio Slave remix is an excellent hypno groover!”

Rocky (X-Press 2) – “Would’ve been nice to see Fela getting a mention. Great tracks though, naturally!”

Nic Fanciulli – “Great ep from two of my favourite producers. Lerchen is my pick, working well for me.”

Doc Martin – “All mixes have their place on the floor. Solid EP from Ian and Spencer!”

Marc Romboy – “Very solid, old skool EP! My full support of course! Especially on In My Head.”

Joel Alter – “Lerchen und Eulen is beautiful. What a lovely melody. Thanks for sending this guys!”

Karotte – “Lerchen und Eulen and the remix from Radio Slave are exciting, will play both!!”

Voitek (Catz ‘N Dogz) – “I like how it sounds nice, warm and oldschool. In My Head will get the love from me!

Paul Woolford – “Feeling it all and looking forward to playing all three at different moments, thank you Ovum!”

Anja Schneider – “Love this guys!!! Big uppppppp!! Can’t wait to give it a spin.”

Uner – “Yeah!!! Ian, Spencer, Radio Slave and Ovum again! Full support to the hoooouse music!! J”

Master-H – “Radio Slave remix instantly stands out for me, thanks for sharing guys, will play! Love it! J”

Gregor Tresher – “In My Head is the one for me, great groover! Supercool Radio Slave mix too, as always!”

Tayo – “Great having some new Ian Pooley in the pile. Loving the title track.”

Basement (NRJ Radio, Beirut) – “Great one! Will definitely feature in this week’s show. Love Radio Slave’s Remix as well.”

AMDJS – (Saint Petersburg, Russia) – “Radio Slave remix is a candy! “In My Head” is also a really nice tune. Will play for sure.”

Paris One Radio, France – “Radio Slave remix rocks! Full support from Paris One Radio.”

Makossa (FM4 Vienna, Austria) – “Great tracks!!”

Steve Parry – (Juice FM, UK) – “As cool as I’d expected this to be! In My Head steals the show though.”

Stephan Hinz – (Dasding Radio, Germany) – “Awesome release! Will play it in the radio show for sure.”

Klubbing – (WDR 1Live, Germany) – “Original of Lerchen und Eulen is my fave so far… great EP!”

Juan – (Defected Radio) – “Very, very nice. Ian Pooley has been on fire. This EP is great. Thanks.”

Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine, Spain) – “In My Head and Radio Slave’s Remix are ACE! Full support!”

Laurent N – (Nice Radio, France) – “Superb Ep! Original tracks & Radio Slave Remix are MASSIVE. Will play & support fully.”

Christillization Radio, Serbia – “Amazing start of the year for Mr. Pooley! New album and now this, wonderful collaboration with Spencer Parker. ‘Lerchen und Eulen’ is damn good, can’t wait to play!”

Soundwall, Italy– “Considering for review.”

Tsugi Magazine, France – “Cool remix from Radio Slave!!”

Groove Magazine, Germany – “Thanks for the music. Will consider!”

Mike – (The Ransom Note, Data Transmission) – “As good as I expected from these two. Lerchen und Eulen will go off at peak time I’m sure.”