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Love Technique/Air Raid

Levon Vincent

A1) Love Technique

B1) Air Raid

Texas born Levon was first exposed to electronic music when his family moved to Times Square in New York when he was 8. Breakdancing was huge, breakin on every corner, dogs barking in Man Parrish's 'Hip Hop Be Bop Don't Stop,' loud as hell on 42 & Broadway. His first beak came 11 years later, when as a fledgling DJ, he was fortunate enough to spend a couple years with two huge techno talents, DJ Prozac (limelite) and John Selway as roommates at college.

For the last 14 years he has DJ'd at countless parties and nightclubs in NYC, too numerous too mention. He also works at Halcyon records in Brookyln, and runs his own label, More Music NY.

Love Technique is proper Acid House music, a homage to Adonis Grooves, coupled with new school sound design techniques. On the flip, Air Raid is a stipped down, minimal landscape that builds up the tension and doesn’t let go. A truly stunning EP.

Here is some feedback on this release

Radio Plays

Raul Campos KCRW

Chris Liebing

Mash XFM Scotland

Barry O Donoghue Spin, Dublin

Andy Cato (Groove Armada) “Add me to the list of supporters. Love the groove - have edited down the vocal content a bit, but a great tune”

Andy Mac (Skint) “Excellent release (as ever on ovum) both going to be working for me, air raid is my favourite, just”

Bartek (Import!) “This is another top quality release for the mighty Ovum label. They can't do wrong and that's just a solid proof for their unstoppable A&R; skills. I still can't decide whether I'm more into "Love Technique" or "Air Raid", so I'll give them both a good club play they deserve!

Benjamin Theves (Kitsune) “Nice dark acid mover reminiscent of that oldschool stuff by Bam Bam ("Where's Your Child")”

Dan Ghenacia (Freak’n’Chic) “Air raid is my fave one: in the box!!!”

Darren Emerson “Liking Love Technique. Will be laying this out most def. Can't go wrong with Ovum”

Dean Muhsin (Adrift) “Can't believe this - wicked track”

DJ Dan “Love Technique is my favourite!”

DJ Fex “These two track really hot as hell! I will probably play the two tracks, i like them both”

George Mac (Basstrap/Manga) “Love Tech....oh yes I do. Acid joy all the way...simple but awesomely effective. Great tempo and style...deep and delish! Air Raid...rude dubby vibes all good....classic flava indeed...solid ovum egginess. Healthy and protein Josh demands!”

Glasse “I like the Air Raid because it's very slow and trippy”

Greg Churchill “Totally love ‘Love Technique’. Wickedly damaging”

Greg Fenton (Update) “Two equally good the retro acid feel”

James Mowbray (Mixmag) “I like these new Ovum tracks. Will play both.

James Talk (Saved) “As if I need to react to this, amazing as usual”

Jo Mills (Attica) “Wow very back in the day, love technique is wicked, fantastic vocal sample and sounds with a nagging bass that gets ya moving ...simple and effective. B side I need a few more listens but love technique Iwill be playing”

John Acquaviva “I like love technique best”

Kris Menace “Ovum is a great label. I still play "size 9"! Well, I love the easy structures of the acid influenced tracks. Not too overloaded. I like that. phuture...I will try to put it in my set next weekend in france”

Lars Sandenberg (Funk D’Void) “Solid acid trax from Ovum, will definitely work on my floors”

Luke Carr (Chibuku) “Long Live Levon Vincent! 'we like ovum' should be on my pyjamas”

Magik Johnson (NRK) “Love both tracks… have requested for a mix compilation I'm doing with Darren emerson for underwater”

Marc Roberts (Passenger) “Sick minimal shit. Love it. Chart and cd bag for me”

Matthew Roberts (King Unique) “I like it a lot, excellent. Aciiiiiiied”

Mike Monday “This Levon Vincent thing is the shit!!! Simple catchy vocal over an even simpler and even catchier tune. Love the clever use of compression to create tension as well... Gonna be hammering this!”

Nicholas Matar “Love the one on Ovum!”

Paco “I really like both the tracks from the Ovum with a preference for the “Air Raid”. They're in the box”

Parker & Pasquale (Shivoo) “Have been playing both of these tracks. V good”

Paul Woolford (Basics/pace) “Killer record, both tracks are perfect for me. Love it and using one or both tracks in every set 5/5”

Renato Cohen “Cool acid track! I liked!!

Rocky (X-Press 2) “I love Air Raid”

Rune RK “Both love tchnique and air raid are directly in my box. Soo old school I love it”

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