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"Silver Bullet"

Christian Smith & John Selway

A1: Silver Bullet
B1: Silver Bullet (Slam Remix)

Ovum is proud to bring you a release from Christian Smith & John Selway. Known for their amazing releases on Tronic , Underwater, and Intec are finally a part of the Ovum Family. They deliver a main room monster in Silver Bullet. This bass driven monster builds to a huge tension filled breakdown that comes back in with a punch that will blow up any floor. Slam has delivered a percolating remix that has a very old school feel to it. This could be played in a techno set as well as a house set. A very diverse package that should be in every DJ's record box.

This Record was one of the biggest records of the closing parties in Ibiza this summer. It was an anthem at Carl Cox's closing party at Space, being played by Carl, Yousef, and Wink! Numerous plays on Radio 1 by Fergie, James Talk, and The Trophy Twins. This release is receiving full support from Wink, Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Marco Bailey, Hernan Cattaneo, Chris Fortier, James Mowbray, Pascal F.E.O.S., Heiko M/S/O, and Lawrence.

Go get a copy at your local vinyl shop!

If you prefer a digital copy you can get a copy here:

Check out the feedback

Aldrin (Zouk) “The slam mix works for me”

Alex Parsons (Brique Rouge) “Feeling the Slam mix... Nice touch”

Anil Chawla (Mongo Bongo/MOS Radio) “The original is very cool... Nice and dark. I love it when it goes into a frenzy at around half way through with shit-loads of white noise all over the place. Will be keeping for those 4am twisted moments. Slam mix is cool, the percussion is amazing and the track is very hypnotic. I like the way it doesn't really do anything until the first break then the white noise hits again! Another one for 4am”

Audiojackers (Turnmills) “Nice, always love Ovum stuff & this is no exception. Original mix has more going for it for me”

Brendan Long (Bugged Out/Voodoo) “Best thing Slam have done in ages!”

Carl Cox: “I love the Silver Bullet track – wicked! (played at Carl Cox @ Space).

Carlos Regueira (Yoshitoshi) “THIS IS A BOMB!!!!! ORIGINAL MIX ITS AMAZING. Played last night and I think will be on my box for a while! great work”

Cass “Slam mix is different for them, but cool nonetheless”

Chris Carrier (Catwash) “Slam Mix is Dope”

Chris Fortier “This is ace! I love the original and played out last weekend to big response. Slam mix is great too”

Claude VonStroke (Dirty Bird) “Ilike the ideas in the slam mix. The kick could be a little more solid but it's cool sounding portamento stuff”

Clive Henry “Like the slam mix can see it appealing to everybody”

Coley (Playtime/Mulletover) “Enjoying the clicky slam mix”

Dan Marciano “Good track favorite mix 1”

Dani Perez: “Excellent electro sounds”

Dean Muhsin “Brilliant release, this - Slam's mix is an excellent groove”

Decky Hedrock “Good set of mixes. The orginal works for me”

Dj Fex (robotroniklabel) “The original sounds great for a big room the rmx for a small one like both mixes”

Duncan Stump (Mock and Toof/Wekan/Tiny Sticks) “Slam mix is superb!”

Fabrice Lig “Nice original mix, but for me the Slam mix is the one, its more funky, I really love it”

Funk D Void “I like the original, Slam's remix sounds like something else”

Hector Romero “I’m really feeling the Orig mix best so far. Nice one”

Hernan Cattaneo “Great!! Top stuff”

Hexadecimal (Spectrum) “I've Not heard anything from Slam in years so was eager to hear their approach to this one. It's still quite minimal but much more dancefloor than the original. Def more my thing will play early doors. cheers.

Iain Taylor (Airtight/Tribal Session) “This is WICKED - Ovum at it's best! Deep trippy & moody, I Love it. Both mixes are spot on!”

James Mowbary “Already got the original mix, played it in Estonia last night, really like it. Looking forward to checking the Slam mix”

James Talk “Amazing, fantastic, superb, Both mixes are excellent techno, and i will be spining for sure”

Jerome Pacman “I like the Slam remix. Works well in my sets”

Jojo De Freq (Nag Nag Nag/Bugged Out) “Loving this tough but deep, percussive yet melodic, modern sounding slice of techno. In my current chart. More please”

Justin Drake “Slam mix is certainly a solid piece”

Kiko Navarro “I like the new Ovum, specially the Slam mix. It’s the kind of electronic-minimal music which fits very well on my sets”

Konrad Black (Wagon Repair) “The original is bomb! I will be playing this on heavy rotation. The remix is really cool too. I’m loving this record”

Louis Osbourne “Really liking both the mixes here. Both excellent. Quite surprised at the minimalism of the Slam mix but it's still good. Max Support. Will use”

Luciano: “I love john!”

Max Pask “Selway rules, slam remix not bad at all”

Mazi (Audio Soul Project/Gourmet) “I like both versions here. The Slam mix just fits my set better. A class job of mixing old and new school sensabilites. Another solid Ovum release”

Miss Jools (Sleeper Thief/Clandestino). Slam works their magic on the remix,, keepin it fashionably minimal but adds funk with the percussion,, definitely lookin forward to playing this!”

Paolo Mojo “Tried hard with this one but wasnt really feeling I”

Pete Gooding: “Evil!!”

President Bongo “This is a fu..... wicked track!”

Ramon Castells: “I like this a lot.”

Ryan Shaw (Basics/Deep Down and Dirty) “This is a big track and I like it! Reminds me of hawtin, beyer and Liebing popping their 2 pennies in and seeing what comes! It's like if intec/plus8 and cocoon had an orgy this little funker would pop out of someones bottom 9 seconds later!(Who's counting).... Organic of course! Will play its a biggie”

Sean Miller “F**kin wicked!!!....loving the original”

Shinedoe (Fuse/Watergate) “This will work on the dancefloor”
Stel Alexander (Circus) “The original to be played in the main room - peak time and the slam remix can be used as a warm up”

Strecth Silvester “Smith & sellway back on amazing form. As is ovum at the mo. total heads down no messing track. Love it. Like the kinda superfreak slam style mix to. Deep and goodly to. great package, will spin both with gusto”

Stu Hirst “Original is cracking stuff from a very consistent label. 9/10”

Stuart Patterson (Faith) “Slam remix for me on this .. going down nicely”

TG (Four Twenty). “Both tracks are excellent of course! The original is harder than the rmx with a great energy to it. With slam's excellent rmx gives it a bit more of a groove to it! Both tracks I definately love playing out!”

Tom Neville “Original is brilliant, Ovum is the greatest!”

Tomaz (Intenze/Intec). “Absolutely rocking ! Both original and remix are great”

Tonka (Vivienne Records) “A really cool release!! My favorite is the heavy-shuffle original. Exactly the sound I’m after at he moment”

Yousef: “Good energy; will play.”

Radio Plays
Fergie Radio 1 (Three Plays)
Barry O Donoghue Spin 108
Jonty MOS Radio