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Davide Squillace Almond Eyes EP

Davide Squillace

A1) Sukkin Mutik

B1) Do U Lynch

B2) Nasty In The Pasty

The debut Ovum release from Davide Suillace the Almond Eyes EP is in Stores NOW! Davide has released an amazing three track EP that will rock any dancefloor. Look at what some of the people have to say:

Fabrice Lig “Really nice e.p, nice job on the sounds and atmosphere. A great danceflorr oriented e.p, Ovum and Minus fans will love it! Full support”

Hector Romero “Do you Lynch went down lovely this past weekend – loved the groove. Will be charting”

Hernan Cattaneo “Very nice stuff (as usual from ovum)”

James Talk “All 3 tracks are superb, I’ve liked david squillace stuff for a few years, but this is a step up for me, the grooves are fantastic, and he keep the tracks interesting and funky through out!”

Mauro Picotto “Quality stuff, full support especially Sukkin Mutik”

Mazi (Audio Soul Project/Gourmet) “I can work all three of these tunes. A solid EP from Ovum. I'll be charting this and supporting with plays”

Stanny Fransen “I Like all the tracks, it’s a nice package. It will be in the box and in my top 10”

Timmy Stewart (Stiff Kitten/Island Hopper) “Do You Lynch is the one for me.. Proper trippy acid house, so right up my street”

BJÖRN WILKE (levelnonzero,hablando)

- got it in my charts on 4

IVAN SMAGGHE (blackstrobe)

- i really like #2 and #3

BENOIT CARRETIER (trax magazine france)

- good ovum stuff!

MARTIN LANDSKY (poker flat)

- b1 + b2 both top notch techno affairs!!! I need VINYL

KONRAD BLACK (wagon repair,minus)

- like the darkness

JEF K (crack & speed)

- play it for sure!

MELON (ratio?)

- very nice, for me the kond of minimal that does put a dancefloor on fire. A1 and b1 will be in the box for sure.

DJ T (get physical)

- another good one on Ovum, minimal, but with the funky- and moodyness that i miss in the most europeaon productions!

MARTIN EYERER (kling klong, trapez)

- that tune is so fat!!!!!

HEIKO M/S/O (klang)

- all tracks are great!

3 CHANNELS (crosstown rebels)

- full support!!!!!

Go get one now at your local record shop or online store!

If you are looking for a digital copy you can get it at


The Ovum Catalogue is now also full available on itunes, napster, and rhapsody.