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Taho "The Hybrids/Shambhalla"

Taho "The Hybrids/Shambhall"

A1) Taho "The Hybrids" WiNK edit
B1) Taho "Shambhalla" WiNK Interpretation

Who is TAHO? __________________ ______
His first attempts at composing began at the age of eleven when he was awe inspired by .Oxygen. and
.Equinox. from Jean Michel Jarre. He discovered, thanks to his first computer, the enormous potential of
machines in sound creation. The music very quickly becomes a devouring passion as he .sticks. on the sound of Mad Mike, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Mr Finger, A guy called Gerald...
At seventeen, he draws the attention of Laurent Garnier. A year later, he signs with F Communication. His
first EP « Vertige » is released in 95 and « ELLE EP » is out a year later. Taho is then considered the French Mad Mike by the International press.
After a three years collaboration with F com., Taho decided to create Lumina (, a label where the artists share a common vision: To awaken its audiences to a new Age of Enlightenment through sonic
adventures, visual art and digital poetry. Lumina also produces musical movies, documentaries and graphics. In 2005 Lumina gives birth to two sub labels .Eona. for DJ friendly music, and .Ikuna. for well being. Taho also released on Subconscious Element, Sub Static, Adrenogroov, Thinner. He now composes and
performs with the young and talented singer Miss Kati, from USA, and prepares their album .Crystal Love..

Influences:________________________ ___
Bathed in a musical Univers since he.s a child, rocked by some Vangélis while passing by some Miles Davis, his music has been for long time influenced by the sound of Mad Mike, Basic Channel, The Orb, or the song «Acid eiffel » by Ludovic Navarre, Shazz and Laurent Garnier.
His influences widened daily across some music like Reggae (Mad professor, Peter Tosh, Lee Perry.), the latino music (Suzana Baca, Bebel Gilberto), world music. Classical and ambient music (Steve Roach, Vir Unis, Vidna Obmana, Gioari) are the main references for the harmonics compositions of Taho. The German music of Maurizio, with his subliminal melodies, inspire a lot the weave background of his compositions. Today the talented producer Vince Watson has a big impact on Taho.s art.

Radio Plays
Pete Tong Radio 1
Rob Da Bank Radio 1
Gilles Peterson Radio 1
Dave Mothersole MOS Radio

DJ Reaction

16 Bit Lolitas “Nice track for warmup/beginning of middle of set for us”

Agoria “just a quick email to say how much i love the remix of taho by josh
it s one of the best track this year
i cant stop to play and to listen to it !!!!!

Aldrin (Zouk). Wink's Interpretation rocks! Love the deep tech house vibe

Ashley Beedle “Loving the Wink Edit of Hybrid. Will be getting some heavy plays”

Chris Fortier “Winks mix of ‘shambhalla’ great”
Chymera “Hybrid Wink Edit - like the start.. gets a little bit too trancey for me though as the track goes on”
Davide Squillace “I’ve been playing it a lot. I’m totally into this kind of stuff!”

Demi “The winkmaster sounding as good as ever - great release once more from one of my fave labels”

Fabrice Lig “Hybrid is an Ace! Stunning track! I've heard it long time agon on Taho's web server and I remember I was already crazy about that track !!!!”

Francesco Farfa “Yes!!! Love Wink Edit of Hybrid. Very strong and Sweet. Will play it. 9/10. Like Shamballa too”

Freeform Five “Another excellent wink edit!”

Funkagenda “Loving Wink Edit - Wink Rocks... Nuff Said”

Hardfloor “I’ll play Taho - Hybrid (Wink Edit) - love it!”

Harri (Sub Cliub) “Lovin it Josh is on it”

Hernan Cattaneo “This is excellent, as usual with ovum, high quality underground stuff. Hybrid is amazing”

James Talk “2 ovum promo's in 1 week! is it christmas? All 3 tracks here are stand out, but the wink edit of hybird steals it from me, that groove just locks u in baby”

Jerome Pacman “I enjoy Hybrid, bubbly, sounds good. Really effective in big rooms. I like Shambala too, nice prod but I don't play it”

Jozif (Wrong/Jaded) “The man can do no wrong!”

Laidback Luke “The Wink interpretation sounds ideal for opening sets, or very very late sets. Will support that one, thanks!”

Laurent Garnier “Stunning original and Wink's Edit are brilliant full support”

Linus Loves “It's a scorcher. Like mike inc meets isolee. Give the boys at ovum a pat on the back from me. Nice work...”

Llorca “Really into the Wink edit of "hybrid". Emotional vintage pads on top of a good old-school techno loop. The wink remix of shambdella is good, and will do the job in a dj set - it's more of a dj-tools/loop/track to play with, in my opinion - which isnt a bad thing !! Overall, a very good release. Will play and chart”

Mark Brown (MYNC Project) “Wink edit is amazing”

Mazi (Audio Soul Project/Gourmet) “I like all three tracks and will get mileage from the whole record. Charted #17 in next month's chart. Solid!”

Max Graham “Just awesome!... really like the sound of all tracks, especially the wink edit of 'hybrid'. Great release”

Mike Monday “What a brilliant ep!!! Ovum are on a serious roll right now” “Wink edit of Hybrid is doin it in my earholes”

MJ Cole “Hybrid Wink Edit- Deeeeep. Big warm pads are great”

Prins Thomas “Quite liked wink's mix of shamballa but overall a bit too techy and too little going on to keep my attention. Might slip a little snippet of this into the mix (pitched way down)”

Rave Digga “I like Hybrid but not so sure about the vocals in Shambhalla I don't agree with whaling!”

Ralph Lawson “Taho-HYBRID is FU**IN AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I also love Shambhalla original but don't like vocal, any chance of an instrumental?”

Rene Amesz “Taho - Hybrid - really into wink's remix. Have to get used to the strings but the chunky bass and rhythm are doing the job for me. Full support”

Rob, Mutiny “Wink edit for me .." Great epic ride through darkness then spiritual light "

Rune RK “Shamballa wink remix for me. Superb break. I have no clue where to play it, but I will for sure”

Ryan Shaw (Basics/Deep Down and Dirty) “Lovin the Wink edit Taho is ace too a fan of his stuff! Will play this loads!”

Satoshi Tomiie “Amazing package.. Playing all mixes”

Shinedoe (Fuse/Watergate) “Love winks remixes”

Shlomi Aber “Josh's edit of Hybrid is one of my Biggest track lately”

Simon Baker (DDD) “Played the wink edit of Hybrid out this weekend twice. Great stuff as usual”

Stanny Franssen “The Wink Edit is a monster, whow superb!!!! couldn’t stop moving my legs when I was listening. Don’t like the vocals in the original. A pitty there’s no dub mix”

Steve Lawler “Hybrid wink edit for me... great track.. ovum on fine form”

Simon Morell (DDD) “Loving all 3 tracks class ! Winks intrepretation of shambhalla is the stand out one for me, this builds nicely and love percussion n the breakdown!!”

Thatkidchris “Shambhalla (WiNK Interpretation) is my pick”

Tommy Four Seven “Wink's interpretation of Shambhalla gives it the edge for me and is perfect for my sets. Beautiful breakdown too!”

Wyatt Jenkins (Beatport) “Really outstanding work, the Wink Interp. gives the atmospheric track a bump that will keep the girls moving. This is easily one of the best Ovum releases I've heard in a while. The original reminds me of old school david alvarado stuff on the label - and that's great!”