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OVUM_226Jacket_2000x2000 TOM MIDDLETON – “SPACE STEPS”  

Tom is a true electronic luminary. From his partnership with Mark Pritchard as Reload, Global Communication, Jedi Knights and Secret Ingredients to his own solo work, Tom has always pushed the boundries of dance music whether it be ambient, techno, electro, funk, and house. A true master of his game, we are honored to welcome him as the newest member of the Ovum family.

This new release initially came together off the back of the A side track “Penrose Steps”. Tom gave the track to Josh and it instantly became one of the biggest tracks in his sets, never leaving his bag. In true Ovum style, we were keen to bag a B Side with a completely different feel. We went back and forth for quite some time and as Tom set about working on a production we all lost a very dear friend and colleague, Kenny Hawkes. The aptly named “Hawkes Groove” is an amazing ode to a truly talented producer and DJ and we are so happy to be bringing it to you.

Craig Richards – “Fantastic as ever… A genius and a gentleman!!

Agoria – “Penrose Steps is a floor killer for sure!!! Really good release from Tom!”

UNER – “Penrose Steps is an absolutely BOMB!!!!!!”

ZDAR – (Cassius) – “Yo Ovum! Thanks a lot guys. Tom ‘Pumping’ Middleton.. I’m sending you love as always. ”

Benny Rodrigues – “Penrose Steps is perfect for those big room moments, while Hawkes Groove is for those LOVELY deeper afterhours moments..”

Joris Voorn – “Great to hear from Middleton again! Love both tracks! Great ambient pads on Hawkes Groove, reminds me of early Global Communication”

Ewan Pearson – “Both lovely tracks from Tom. Another fitting tribute for Kenny too.”

Adam Beyer -“Penrose steps is sooooooo BIG! Huge support from me on this!”

François K -“Very nice A-side with the Sheperd Tones. Will do great with the tech-house set.”

Available digitally soon!

Techno takes a back seat as the label continue their stunning run of house releases with “Alone.” Label chief Josh Wink had asked house Don, Dave Pezzner if he had anything in the locker for Ovum. Having just completed his own rework of “Alone”, he sent it across and within minutes the Ovum crew had fallen for its charms. Josh actually tweaked the original Pezzner remix for his own sets and before long has snapped up the whole release for Ovum.

Sébastien Léger – “If I could vote 6 stars out of 5, I would. WONDERFULL record !!! The Pezzner rmx Josh’s re think dub pezzner re dub the josh wink dub in the remix of the dub remix version of Pezzner V 1.5 is FAN-TA-STIC!”

Manuel Tur – “The re-think dub sounds so excellent. Looking forward to playing this out!”

 Steve Bug – “Yeah, finally! Josh played me his Pezzner remix re-think vocal version a few month back. I am waiting since to play it out. Here it is now and i am a very happy bug today and every time i will be playing this great tune! Thanks.”

 Till von Sein – “The Pezzner rmx is a monster and the Wink version too! Another stunner ep from the most consistent label in 2012… big up!”

 Chateau Flight – “This is such a cool ep! Pezzner mixes stand out for me. Will be playing!”

 Agoria – “Good mix monsieur Josh. This will get some love here!! J”

 Ellen Allien – “Pezzner Remix – Josh Wink re-think dub.. I like it a LOT J thanks.”

 Lee Curtiss – “Really really REALLY cool tunes! So much to choose from!”

 Sasse – “Pezzner Remix in its original form is just… WOW!”

 Ewan Pearson – “The Pezzner remix is off the hook. My favourite Ovum release since Kink E79.”

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For over thirteen years Charles Siegling, aka Technasia, has created a unique east/west fusion that moves seamlessly from the Paris club scene, to the streets of Hong Kong, to the hippest techno venues in Europe. Whilst best known for his melodic and often epic techno, Technasia is equally at home in the realms of filtered house and rolling tech, as perfectly displayed on his excellent “Central” album.

– “Pure club weapons again from Technasia!! Super release!!”

 Kaiserdisco – “WOW amazing release!!! Will hammer Bastille Days in the next months for SURE!!”

Gregor Tresher – “What a KILLER!!!! Straight into my August chart! OVUM!!”

Sebo K – “You can never go wrong with Techasia! Bastille Days is superb!

Carlo Lio – “Awsome release! Technasia been killing it… here’s another to add to his long list.. big support from me!”

Edu (Vicious Magazine) – “Brilliant!!! All tracks are great, but my fav are Bastille Days and Bastille Dub. Thanks so much for good music.”

Victor – (DJ Magazine Spain) – “Great EP! Hard to choose a fav. “

Tobi Neumann – “Ahhh yeah! Great tunes from Technasia!!! I like both tunes and will play them for sure. Vinyl is order on Decks!!”

Layo – “Been a fan of Technasia for many years and yet again he’s turned out the great stuff. I’ll be playing Bastille Days for sure!”

Available as DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE on Beatport NOW!


Summer rolls on and Ovum Recordings continue to deliver the soundtrack with a second Ovum release from Italy’s Nico Lahs. Nico’s “Sunday 65” ep sees the label continue its stunning run of quality house releases. After owning the summer of 2011 with his “Clouded Visions” ep, Nico returns with another trio of musical gems. The cinematic soundscape of the title track opens the ep and is backed by the warm subby bass, synth melody and bird song of “Positive Visual”. Final cut “After The Rain” flows beautifully as its raindrops draw a close to yet another stunning release from Mr Lahs.

Only For DJ’s France – “Very nice atmosphere, smooth!!!! Positive Visual is the fav for me.”

Lee Burridge – “The Sunday 65 track is great! Loving your work Nico and loving your label as always Josh. Love love love!!”

Jonathan Cowan – (Pacha/Shine/Shelborne) – “Love love love this release….. full support on all – another winner from OVUM.”

UNER – “Amazing release as always… love the Nico Sound! Can’t choose only one J”

Tom Middleton – “Big LIKE from me… gorgeous atmospheric low end tech-yes, will sound immense on a system.”

M A N I K – “Always solid from my man Nico and Ovum of course. Just got around to hearing this as I’ve been away, but massive big up.”

Lele Sacchi – (RAI 2 INTHEMIX Italy) – “Sunday 65 has got that classic Ovum touch in between pure deepness and psychedelic vision.”

Ben – (DJ Magazine UK) – “Yeah this is some cool stuff from Nico, like it!!”





M A N I K “I Got Us”EP
Its strange to think that it was only 2010 that saw the first records from Christopher Manik, aka M A N I K. Since exploding onto the scene with his debut Ovum release he has gone on to develop and strengthen his own sounds & styles. The young New Yorker has confidently and creatively placed his music on a variety of the hottest labels of today, while always managing to maintain his own unique identity.

 Ralph Lawson – “This is a GREAT release! Really feeling the whole EP. Maximum support from me.”

Jimpster – “The sound of now with all those big old fruity basslines! I like all three tracks. Nice one!”

Laura Jones – “GREAT work again from Chris. Great EP! Playing!”

Jaymo – (BBC Radio 1) – “MANIK keeps on killing it! LOVE I Got Us.”

Daniel (Trickski) – “MANIK is always dope!! Love Amber Knife! Thanks for sending guys!”

Justin Martin – “I am in LOVE with Amber Knife!! Great track Chris! J”

Nico Lahs – “Great release as always! “Amber Knife” is the one for me! Ovum and Chris are definitely on fire. Big UP!”

Deetron – “I Got Us sounds perfect for the upcoming season!! Lush and bright!”

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Its been a full 12 months since Gregor Tresher releases his “As Days Go By” ep on Ovum and a year that has seen him preparing, releasing and touring his excellent artist album “Lights From The Inside.” His previous Ovum double-header was a secret weapon for those that received it in time for last years Miami week and what better a way to prepare for this years than to drop the latest brace fromour great friend.

Smokin’ Jo – “Both tracks are ace, nice work Gregor!! Will be playing both!!”

2000 and One – “Gregor is on a roll!!! Great tracks once again!”Reboot – “For Many Days To Come for me is another strong track from Gregor!”

Rodriguez Jr – “Pure dope groove once again from Gregor. For Many Days To Come is getting my love.”

Tom Findlay – (Groove Armada) – “I love For Many Days To Come. Got a great roll to it.

Ali – (Tiefschwarz) – “Nice release again from Gregor. Really digging For Many Days To Come. Thanks a lot for this guys.

Luke Solomon – “I am loving For Many Days To Come loads!!! Really great!!”


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Having opened the year with a serious slice of techno, Luca leads Ovum back to house as he presents two beautifully warm sun-drenched numbers. The bongo-heavy “On The Moon With You” has us dreaming of summer as it bathes us in spine-tingling synths, beautiful melodies and dreamy vocals. From the balearic sounds of the title track to the African rhythms and inspirations of “High Life.” A track laden with vocal samples and powered by its potent piano riff.

Jimpster – “Great stuff once again from both Luca and Ovum! Liking On The Moon a lot. Will be playing it out.”
M A N I K – “High Life is the hot shit. The A side is fantastic as well. I think people will really dig it! Luca is on top form.”
Steve Bug – “High Life on the moon with Luca J Superb release!! thanks.”
Josh Wink – “Another great release for Luca. And two tracks that fit lovely on Ovum…”
Ben Westbeech – “Absolutely wicked

breakdown! On the moon with you. Killer.”
Soul Clap – “Wow the breakdown in On The Moon With You is on some classic rave magic… Support.”
Joris Voorn – “Nice percussive melodic tracks from Luca. Gonna test them both!”
Anja Schneider – “I am always a fan of Luca’s Tracks!! And these are no different!  High Life my fav. Support from me.”
Matthias Tanzmann – “Really good job on both tracks Luca! I’ll be playing!!”
Nick Curly – “Yet another great release from Luca…Of course its full support from me on this!”
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Its been a summer of glorious House Music for Ovum Recordings, but those of you more tempted by the darker arts will be happy to find that label chief Josh Wink has chosen to heat up our winter months with a return to Techno with a label debut from Portugal’s, Steve Parker.

Oliver Huntemann – “This is a SUPERB release from Steve. Interstate for me!”

Hector Romero – “Complete FIRE!! All 3 do it for me. Great release!”

Joris Voorn – “Interstate is rocking!!! Big support coming from me!”

Phil Kieran – “Nice release here from Steve. Cheers. Bodytrade sounds like it will be cool for me.”

Chaim – “Oh Interstate is VERY cool!! Niceeee. J”

Kaiserdisco – “Nice ep again from Ovum and Steve, will play Interstate for sure!”

Alan Fitzpatrick – “Yeah nice ep from Steve! Bodytrade standing out for me.”

Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “How good is this??!! Ovum delivering the goods again! Every track a winner.”

Gabriel Ananda – “Good to hear some techno on the label again. Good one! Thanks.”

Nicole Moudaber – “Great release! Interstate and Bodytrade are brilliant! Full support.”

                                                                  Mauro Picotto – “TechnOvum, Interstate is VERY nice!!”

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Its beennearly four years since Marc Romboy’s last appearance on Ovum, alongside Tyree Cooper on the mighty “Lost.” Today sees a return for the German as he teams up with another of the labels’ new breed, KiNK. Bulgarian Strahil Velchev makes a return to Ovum for the first time since his 2010 “Rachel EP” shot him onto the scene.

The success of that release and his array of productions since, have lead to KiNK becoming one of the most in demand producers of today. Equally in demand is Mr Romboy, with 2011 being yet another year of success. His and Stephan Bodzin’s “Luna” album kicked off the year in style and saw the pair embark on a huge global tour. Singles and remixes for Tronic, Bedrock and 8Bit have followed as well as productions with Blake Baxter and Paris The Black Fu. Marc has also surprised many, with his superb current house rework of Terrence Parker. The “Sampledelics Vol. 1” ep sees the pair turn in three choice cuts of, as the namesuggests, sample-lead House. A perfect selection of tools for the most discerning of DJ’s. Take your pick!

Great Feedback from:

Anja Schneider – “Wooo support from me on “Dont Shake My Tree”! Love it!”
Ian Pooley – “No Sports” for Pooley! Well done guys, really nice EP.”
Axel Boman – “This whole ep is very very good! I cant wait to play it!
D’Julz – “I love the raw funkiness that runs throughout this ep. Excellent work!”
Riva Starr – “These guys never ever disappoint! Ovum on a roll right now!!”
Justin Martin – “I am so happy to have gotten this in my in box today. This is some badass music… playing all!”
… And many more!

With careers that span well over 20 years in the business, Vaggio has an envious wealth of knowledge, from the studio to the dancefloor and beyond. But the artists are not the focus here lines. Pure unadulterated fun! Keeping the basslines heavy, B Side “Jazz Heavy” brings together the glorious sounds of be-bop with the modern acidic sounds of today’s electronic world.

Layers of funk and swing, beautiful percussion work and the most tenacious of piano riffs create a truly stunning production.Great Feedback from:because this double-header is ALL about the music. “It’s Not Love” confirms its party-starting

status with its opening vocals. Chopping and looping the classic First Choice vocal, Vaggio then ignite the track by dropping the ultimate bassline, driven by the simplest of snare and hi-hat

Tensnake – “LOVIN’ Don’t You Want Some More! Can’t wait to play it out
Maceo Plex – “Don’t You Want Some More is SIZZLIN! ☺”
Riva Starr – “Don’t You Want Some More is just HUGE!!!”
D’Julz – “Two complete dancefloor bombs… without a doubt.”
and many more!


As the summer season in Ibiza heads toward its grand finale, We bring you a compilation of the tracks that were rocking the white isle for the Ovum crew this summer. Also included are two previously unreleased remixes of Shlomi Aber from the legendary DJ Sneak and D’julz. Additionally in the mix is the epic Josh Wink remix of Shlomi Aber’s “Slow Dancer”, (which was picked by Gilles Peterson as his biggest track from Ibiza this summer) in addition to Agaric’s “Drifter” which has been a constant in sets from Richie Hawtin this summer. Other gems are the classic “What We Had” from Pete Moss, (which has been a staple in Cassy’s sets this summer and finally sees a digital release) and Josh Wink “Freak” (which has found its way back into his sets this summer and causing quite a storm). Also on the album is music from Steve Bug, Gregor Tresher, Ian Pooley & Spencer Parker, M A N I K, KiNK, Nico Lahs, and Mutiny UK.

See why Ovum has been in all the key DJ’s sets this summer!

Great Feedback from: Dubfire, Jimpster, Gregor Tresher, Justin Martin, Riva Starr, Sebastien, Spencer Parker, Luca Bacchetti, Marc Romboy and many more!

After the incredible success of Agaric’s “Who Made Up The Rules” , we come to you with this amazing remix EP. On the A side Josh Wink is onboard to remix the title track “Who Made Up The Rules”. This is vintage Wink, pumping and building as only Josh can. On the B side we enlist the skills of Axel Boman who takes the hypnotic “Get Off My Mind” and makes it a funky house jam. Two amazing remixes of two incredible tracks that should be heard throughout the summer season! Check out some tracks below and get your copy from beatport today!

Volume 2 of Shlomi Aber’s Chicago Days/Detroit Nights is out now! Check out awesome interpretations by Steve Lawler, Slam, Paul Ritch, Michel Cleis, and Alix Alvirez. There is something for everyone here. What else is there to say! Just sit back, listen and enjoy! These are monsters!

Huge Support from Dubfire, Loco Dice, Joris Voorn, Marco Carola, Seth Troxler, Adam Beyer, Josh Wink. Anja Schneider, Martin Eyerer, Paco Osuna, Oliver Huntemann, Ame, Tiefschwarz, Riva Starr, Funk D’Void, Raresh, Luca Bacchetti, and more! Sample some of the tracks below and make sure to get your copy from Beatport today!

Dubfire – “Great remixes from Steve Lawler and Paul Ritch once again. Full support.”

Loco Dice – “Groove over Grooves here..I like Steve Lawlers mix. Will play it!”

Marco Carola – “Alix Alvarez Remix is my selection here. Really nice track.”

Seth Troxler – “Love the Paul Ritch and Michel Cleis remixes. Will be playing those!”

Laurent Garnier – “Ohh yessssss! Ritch remix is doing it for me!”

Joris Voorn – “Love the Michel Cleis mix!”

Adam Beyer – “Outstanding package! Slam and Ritch for the win!!”

Nico Lahs “Clouded Visions” EP

Nico’s music is always firmly rooted in House, bringing soulful grooves together with pounding beats whilst adding a twist of urban grit. Its easy to see why his is touted as one to watch. Nico’s debut takes us back to the classic early sound of Ovum, whilst clearly sounding very 2011. “Late Night” on the A, may evoke memories of a mid ’90′s Mood II Swing, with a novel updated twist. Delicious! On the flip “All I Desire” comes with a classic NY feel. Whilst it may be missing the standard husky male voice, it will transport you back to the heady days of Shelter. Two incredible new cuts from a talent who is clearly on the rise. Great feedback from feedback from Josh Wink, Steve Bug, Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, KiNK, Charles Webster, tINI, Justin Martin, Spencer Parker, D’julz, Burnski, X-Press 2, Martin Landsky, Robert Dietz, and more!

M A N I K “Armies of the Night”

A diverse collection that ripples across generations, ‘Armies Of The Night’ reaches into the glamorous world of disco in ‘Nightfall’, taps into classic jacking house for ‘Ruckus 8OH8’, plays with urban flavours for ‘Haterville’ (made specifically for the Haters) and ‘Another Day’ and dives in to the eerie futuristic plains of techno in ‘Don’t Stop Don’t Run’, all the while maintaining an intoxicating nocturnal spirit.
Interspersed with playful interludes featuring M A N I K’s peers and influences, this musical voyage continually involves the listener in an interactive story of how it came to be. The result is an album that matures with each listen, apt for every situation and a true reflection of M A N I K’s pure and honest musical philosophy. Great Feedback from: Dubfire, Nic Fancuilli, Danny Tenaglia, Droog and many more!

Shlomi Aber “Chicago Days/Detroit Nights Remixes Vol 1.

Shlomi Abers Chicago Days/Detroit Nights caused a stir in 2010 and through 2011. Now Shlomi has reached out to some of his favorite produces of the moment and asked them to select their favoruite track and give us their take on it. We have collected these Ten incredible remixes, all giving a fresh new twist on the originals, and split them across two rather special EP’s. On Part 1 you will find interpretations by Josh Wink, Timo Maas & Santos, Nic and Mark Fanciulli, Chris Liebing, and Ian Pooley. What else is there to say! Listen, Enjoy and Play! Huge Support from Dubfire, John Digweed, Laurent Garnier, Adam Beyer, Paco Osuna, Joris Voorn, 2000 and One, Dave Clarke, Christian Smith, Anja Schneider, Matthias Tanzmann, Jimpster, Mathias Kaden, Slam, D’julz, Robert Dietz, Karotte, Agoria, Sebo K, Stephan Bodzin, Chris Tietjen, Nick Curly, Luca Bacchetti, Kenny Larkin, Darko Esser, Paul Woolford, Santos, Kiki, Wally Lopez, Hernan Cattaneo and more!

MUTINY UK “Swimming with Sharks” – ” EP

Rob Davy and Dylan Barnes aka. MUTINY UK are back! Ovum is proud to bring you the new single from the London based duo, “Swimming With Sharks.” Our great friends have created an eerie and mysterious rolling tech house bomb. Minimal and twisted, its perfect fodder for the darkest and sweatiest of floors. Turn out the lights, flick the strobe and start swimming. On the flip we have “You Didn’t Want To”, another peak time cut with swinging drums and effects and an underlying, relentless and building vocal. More trippy goodness.

Huge Support From: Dubfire, Paco Osuna, Seth Troxler, Marco Carola, Luca Bacchetti, Josh Wink, Gregor Tresher, Paul Woolford, Laurent Garnier, Hector Romero, Pablo K, Mauro Picotto, Rolando, Christian Smith, Ambivalent, UNER

“Ovum Over Miami” –

We are pleased to bring you a collection of tracks that rocked this years Ovum Party in Miami and Miami Music Week. “Ovum Over Miami” features tracks from Josh Wink, Steve Bug, Gregor Tresher, M A N I K, Agaric, KiNK, Steve Lawler, Agoria, Livio and Roby, Luca Bacchetti, David Alvarado and an exclusive unreleased track from Mutiny UK. Check it out!


Agaric “Who Made Up The Rules”

Ovum is proud to bring you the debut album from Agaric. Over the last two years, Agaric has established the Club Tracks 10“ series on his label WeAre. Besides his own stellar productions, Agaric also has had collaborations with close friends Shonky, Waker Bernard, Ed Davenport, and Beaner who have also graced the Club Tracks series. International support from leading DJs like Richie Hawtin, Seth Troxler, Loco Dice, Ben Klock, Luciano, Joris Voorn, Magda, Laurent Garnier, Sven Väth, and Adam Beyer.

Gregor Tresher “As Days Go By”

Gregor Tresher is back with his new EP “As Days Go By” on Ovum Recordings. Drawing on an array of musical influences and using them in an innovative way to create his unparalleled sound, this new release displays Gregor’s versatility and prominence among the elite producers in electronic music today
This year ushers in a new era in Gregor’s career with a full production release schedule and soon to be announced world tour so there are definitely no signs of slowing down!


David Alvarado / Luca Bacchetti – The Remix” EP

Having celebrated our 15th Anniversary throughout 2010, it is fitting that we kick off 2011 with two fresh updates of seminal Ovum releases, from David Alvarado and Luca Bacchetti.  David Alvarado’s music has been, and still is capturing the hearts and souls of electronic music fans the world over. Luca is another producer who, with his DJ sets and productions, can move effortlessly from the darkest of dancefloors to the most sun-drenched of terraces.  A perfect start to 2011, A year that we envisage, to be full of yet more Ovum delights…Watch this space, and thank you for a fantastic 2010

M A N I K – “Nice stuff guys! Lucas remix is a diff road than the Original yet just as cool!  Holler!”

KiNK – Solid beats and dubby deepness, what a nice present for the New Year by Alvarado / Bacchetti and Ovum!  Wicked release!”

Laurent Garnier – “Nice deepness on 2011 Version!”

Paul Woolford – “Feeling Luca’s ‘Klugh’ remix here.  Will support!”

Reboot – “Nice ep, all tracks are cool, gonna try them!”

M A N I K Keep That Fresh EP

M A N I K returns to Ovum after his incredibly successful Park To The Slope EP.  He comes to us this time with his amazing follow up, Keep That Fresh EP.  The title of the EP says it all as M A N I K is constantly evolving his sound while managing to keep the music fresh.  The title track “Keep That Fresh” has a funky 303 bass line with intricate grooves and a hook made up of some chords.  This is something that will clearly get the floor rolling.  Next up is Ditmars Blvd with its heavy drums and catchy synth line, is a stone cold groove track.  On the B side we start with “Hold On”.  This track is inspired by the sounds of early West Coast G Funk Hip Hop with its Lead synth and funked up analog bass line.  The final cut on this diverse EP is “She’s Slow Motion”, with its R&B vocal floating over the incredible deep instrumental.  This is something you could hear in the early mornings at a Brooklyn warehouse party.  All in all a great and diverse follow up from M A N I K that should be in the sets of a wide range of DJ’s.

Steve Bug As It Was EP

We are delighted to welcome Steve Bug back to Ovum, for the first time since his 2004, ‘Houze EP’. Whether as an artist, label boss or party promoter, Bug has been a major player at the forefront of electronic music since the early ’90′s. This latest EP showcases Bug’s prowess as a producer, presenting three stellar tracks that exemplify tech and deep house at its best. Already thoroughly road-tested by himself and Josh, we are very excited to present to you the As It Was EP. On the digital release the first track “As It Was” is the perfect Panorama Bar and Womb soundtrack. The combination of stripped parts held together with a sinister and pulsing bassline create an absolute monster. The second track ‘My Sweet Vital Angel’ comes at us with classic beats and crisp rim-shots, matched with a heavy synth riff, tricky vocal sample and warm throbbing bassline. This latest release also features a digital exclusive in the form of ‘Straight 125’. More deep, key laden, intelligent and above all, excellent deep house.

Vinyl Purchases

Ian Pooley & Spencer Parker Kinderteller EP

Legendary producer Ian Pooley has partnered up with up and coming producer Spencer Parker to create a very dynamic duo. We have been trying to work with Spencer and Ian for quite some time, and now we get both of them on one amazing EP. This release brings us a sound that touches on some of Ian’s disco infused monsters from the past, but with a more contemporary flare. The A side, Kinderteller, is a jacking piano driven monster that will rock any dance floor. On the B side Jolesch is driven by a funky Rhodes line with an infectious female vocal sample. Two funky monsters that make for an incredible Ovum debut. There is also a Zander VT edit, which is only available on the digitale release! Great house music in the fall that will bring back the memories of the Ibiza sun. Support from Loco Dice, Josh Wink, Anja Schneider, Nic Fanciulli, Jimpster, and more!

Shlomi Aber Chicago Days / Detroit Nights

Ovum Recordings is extremely excited about the release of Shlomi Aber’s new album ‘Chicago Days / Detroit Nights’. This is the Israeli producer’s first Ovum release since the incredible ‘Slow Dancer’ / ‘Create Balance’ (featured on the new album). A longtime staple of the Tel Aviv club scene, Aber started DJing when he was 13 and has been putting out records since 2006. For the past few years, he has also run his successful imprint, Be As One, which has pressed records by fellow Israeli artists such as Gel Abril and Itamar Sagi. Chicago Days/ Detroit Nights will be Shlomi’s second full-length, following 2007′s ‘State of No One’. The album features numerous unreleased productions by Aber, plus his unbelievable collaboration with Detroit producer Kenny Larkin, originally released last year on Be As One.

Steve Lawler Femme Fatale (Livio & Roby Da Funk Remix)

Steve Lawler’s 2008 Ovum release ‘Femme Fatale’ was, as Josh Wink puts it, a turning point in label’s catalog. Around its release date, Romanian duo Livio & Roby presented Josh with a mix of their own which, since that time has been a highlight in all of his DJ sets.

In a recent Beatportal ‘Weekend Weapons’ rundown Josh explains and praises the mix…”The original release on Ovum was a welcome turn in our catalog and Steve’s diverse production. This mix was completed by Romanians Livio & Roby; it saw the light of day when they gave it to me at a gig in Bucharest. Wow. It has been a secret gem of mine and is just the right combination of their signature hypnotic, percussive tech funk and Steve’s original synth-laden melodies. We talked with Steve and Livio & Roby and we all decided that it must come out. People have been pestering me for it for over a year now!”

Now set for a digital release, we can bring you that very mix as an Ovum special gift…

Various Artists Fifteen for Fifteen

Ovum Recordings was founded by Josh Wink with his then partner King Britt in his hometown of Philadelphia. Wink wanted Ovum to be a place where he could put out music that he loved and also as a place to release his own material. Josh explains “The music had to be credible and it had to be revered, but just as importantly the label’s integrity had to be very strong.”

Compromising this vision has never been an option. Matt Brookman, label manager since 1996 understands why: “We have always focused on the quality of the music and avoided jumping on any bandwagon or trend, I believe that this is why the label has survived all of these years and remained not only relovant, but a tastemaker.” A four year production and distribution deal with Sony (as part of Josh signing as an artist) between 1996 and 2000 helped Ovum gain a wider footing, but it was the label’s core belief of scouring the globe for new talent, which has seen it reap the benefits. Loco Dice, Steve Bug, D’julz, David Squillace, Shlomi Aber, KiNK, Nic Fanciulli, and more have felt the Ovum touch and they in turn have allowed the label to grow.

And as diverse as he aforementioned artists reveals, no two Ovum releases are the same. Something which is refelcted in the caliber of DJ’s who have consistently supported the releases over the years: Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, John Digweed, Dixon, Gilles Peterson, Pete Tong and so many more. “I love the fact that so many diverse DJ’s can play our records” boasts Josh proudly.  ‘Fifteen For Fifteen” is a comprehensive blend of the labels output from the past 15 years. It is great display of the labels depth and stylish diversity.

In a time when it has become harder and harder for labels to survive, what makes Wink proudest is the fact that we are still here today. He says, “It is a great accomplishment to have survived all of these years. It hasn’t been an easy road, but we have pushed on because doing this is a labour of love. The fact that people are still interested in what we are doing after 15 years is really quite humbling. So kick back and enjoy some amazing music from the likes of Loco Dice, Steve Bug, Nic Fanciulli, Joris Voorn, Shlomi Aber, and more and hear what Ovum is really all about. Let the musc play!

Harry Choo Choo Romero Phuture EP

New York City-based DJ/Producer/Remixer Harry Choo Choo Romero brings us his debut single release on Ovum!  Harry has been on board for remix projects on the label, but it is finally time for him to unleash a monster single on the label.

On the A side, Harry brings us “Phuture”, which is a main room monster.  This has been Josh Wink’s secret weapon for sometime and now it is available to you.  Built around a computerized female vocal, Harry shows why he is the master of a driving groove. This driving track should destroy any dance floor.

On the B side we have enlisted label friend Joris Voorn for the remix.  Joris has taken an already big sounding track and added a turbo charger. The remix is a complete roller and Joris has taken a dubbed out approach with it, but still keeping the main build vocal.  Two great tracks that should be rocking all the festivals and Ibiza all summer as the 15 Years Of Ovum celebration continues on!

D’Julz Second Hand Feet EP

Ovum welcomes D’Julz back to the fold with the follow up to his incredible success,”Just So You Know”.  Since his 2002 debut ‘Acid Tricks’, he has appeared on no fewer than five Ovum releases, having provided stunning remixes for Tom Pooks and Josh Wink, plus releasing his own 2005 single ‘Alpha’ and the 2008 smash hit ‘Just So You Know’.Today D’Julz returns with his latest masterpiece, the ‘Second Hand Feet’ EP. A stunning three track EP that once again highlights D’Julz’s genial knowledge of the dancefloor. ‘Second Hand Feet’ sees him exploring the power of the “groove”. Whilst on the flip,we are treated to two choice cuts in ‘Baka Gaijin’ and ‘Brace Brace’ which, taking influence from his times spent in the early 90′s in NYC, are set to tear up todays floors in London, Paris, Berlin and far beyond.

KiNK Rachel EP

Bulgarian up and coming producer KiNK, brings us his debut release on Ovum. On the A side, KiNK brings us“Rachel”. Give you a deep percussive journey that gives a nod to all the things that you love about early Chicago house. This deep raw track takes you on many twists and turns. What starts as a lush beauty builds into a raw energetic monster. As the synth mid bass kick in the tracks takes on entirely new energy. It continues to build as the strings come in and we reach full climax.. On the B side KiNK has delivered another peak time monster in “Existence”. Inspired once again by the sounds of Detroit and Chicago, KiNK has created a rolling track that is driven by building percussion and driving synth stabs. Just when the energy has built to a frantic pace, KiNK flips things and brings in the driving piano line. Full hands in the air time! You will need two copies because the longer you play this track the more the crowd will grow mad. This will devastate any dance floor. The second track on the B Side is “E79”. Can you say Panorama Bar, Womb, or Fabric? Once again KiNK displays his ability to create a raw emotional soundtrack. The track still retains main floor energy, but also deepens things out for the early morning/late night crowd. Reminiscent of early Warp records releases. All in all this a complete EP and essential for all DJ’s.

Shlomi Aber Slow Dancer/Groove Mechanism EP

Shlomi Aber’s latest EP, Slow Dancer/Groove Mechanism, epitomizes his unparalleled ability to create tracks that are both timeless and unique. A native of Tel Aviv, Aber began his music career at the young age of 14, throwing regular parties in his parent’s garage.  Aber has come a long way from garage gigs, growing out of the classic Tel Aviv 90’s underground dance scene, and is now considered one of the foremost djs in the global sphere of electronic music.

Josh Wink When A Banana Was Just A Banana (Remixed & Peeled)

Ovum founder, Josh Wink’s When a Banana Was Just A Banana is being hailed as one of the most prolific electronic albums of 2009, and in 2010 Wink returns with the first full length remix album, When a Banana Was Just A Banana (Remixed & Peeled). This album started coming together when some of Josh’s closest production colleagues inquired about remixing certain tracks from the original album; and after months of personally selecting the remixes, When a Banana Was Just A Banana (Remixed & Peeled) was finally born. From the deep tech of Martin Buttrich, Pascal Feos, and Chateau Flight, to the house grooves of Nic Fanciulli, DJ Sneak, D’Julz and Jimpster, to the full on floor fillers from Agoria, Slam, Radio Slave, and Benny Rodrigues, this album features a wondrous array of respected and talented producers. While their styles are very diverse, when put together this album evokes a cohesive sound that shines like the original.

M A N I K Park To The Slope EP

Ovum is excited to bring you the debut release from M A N I K. The twenty four year old, New York based producer is by no means your typical artist. A music business graduate, and multi-genre producer, his style is a unique blend of cutting edge house, futuristic techno, deep old school grooves and a large helping of dark edgy sounds. He has already won great DJ support from the likes of Luca Bacchetti, Mazi, Till von Sein, Burnski and of course Josh Wink.