Nacho Marco debuts on Ovum with his “GHOSTS” EP

OVM230Nacho Marco – GHOSTS EP



Nacho Marco debuts on Ovum with his GHOSTS EP

Nacho Marco is one of the most respected dj/producer in the Spanish electronic music scene. Having started djing at the age of 15, Nacho now has over 20 years of experience in dance music.

1999 saw Nacho’s first recording for labels such as Alola, Future Groove, and Shinichi and 2007 he launched his own label, Loudeast Records, with collaborations with The Time Writer, Terry Lee Brown JR, and more.  Since it inception the label has worked with artists such as Fred Everything, KiNK, and Mark Broom. Nacho has also branched out with releases on OM, Freerange, Plastic City and Pacha.

For his Ovum debut Nacho delivers a very diverse three track EP that is a perfect Summer fit.  The EP opens with the bubbling Acid tones of title track “Ghosts” before showcasing Nacho’s diversity by plunging us into the gorgeously deep “Friday Night”. He closes out the release with the groovin’ and delicious house cut, “The Way Out”.  Let the music play!

HUGE SUPPORT FROM Josh Wink, Joris Voorn, James Zabiela, Soul Clap, Satoshie Tomie, KiNK, D’julz, Marcus Worgul, Lovebrids, Fred Everything, Luca Bacchetti, Luke Solomon, MANIK, Karizma, Danny Daze, Adam Port, Funk D’Void, Zdar, Kiki, Sasse, and so many more!!!

KiNK – “There is too much music, inspired by the past right now, including some of my works, but when the music is right, we have to remain silent and listen! Great record by Nacho Marco, we can hear influences, but what is more obvious is his good taste of music and wicked production skills.”

Soul Clap – “Friday Night… lovely deeeeep aciiiiid!!”

Joris Voorn – “Friday Night sounds like 90’s Evolution Records, which is a good thing!”

Sebo K – “Ok, I’m a man of few words, but this is a cool ep from Nacho! Ghosts and The Way Out will get played!”

James Zabiela – “Ghosts is an AWESOME record!! ”

Luke Solomon – “Great EP, Great Producer. Love this release!!”

Marcus Worgull – “Ghosts is the one!! Nice oldschool track for my sets.”

Luca Bacchetti – “Ghosts is so powerful! So Ovum! Friday NIght and The Way Out explore a different world, liking their deepness, such a beautiful journey. Def a great EP! Bravo Nacho!”

Rainer Trueby – “Friday Night.. YES! I feeeel this…”

Karizma – “Totally in love with The Way Out!!”

Manik – “Ghosts is sick! Love it! Friday Night is dope too!”

Danny Daze – “Sick… SO SICK!!! Ghosts my pick.”

Lovebirds (Basti) – “Great production as always from Nacho J Friday Night the fav for me.”

Till von Sein – “Another winner from Ovum. Dig all 3 trax.. The Way Out and Ghosts will get the plays and Friday Night is the one for “those kinda moments”.. wow!!!”

Funk D’Void – “Fucking surprised….and amazed! Thank you Nacho!”

Zdar (Cassius) – “I LOVE The Way Out… a great record!”


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