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DJ Dozia
"The Ritual" feat. Susanna Claro
b/w "Drum Attack"


SEVEN - May 2001

An inspired release from DJ Dozia featuring the hypnotic spoken banter of Susanna Claro. Filthy tribal drums and Afro percussion sit confortable under the abstract chatter, with long trippy pads and rattling lead synths adding to the general deepness. A surefire Body and Soul record without resorting to any tried and tested tricks or clichés. The blend of quality drums and trippy instrumentation has that "What The Fuck?" factor when heard blind, in a club, deaf loud. Which can only be a good thing. AM

HOT PRESS- June 2001

Everyone, including Carl Cox, seems to be going mad for the hard, tribal drums of 'Drum Attack," but the real gem here is the decidedly old-skool house of the title track, where Susanna Claro's breathy vocals perfectly complement the nostalgic sounds. RB

ATM-June 2001

DJ Dozia AKA Dozia Blakey unleashes his new thang and it's all set to become another classic release for the label. On the flip we have the driving and percussive beats which the likes of Carl Cox have been getting into called 'Drum Attack'. The A-side and my personal choice in 'The Ritual' a classy tough, rolling, tech groover with cool drums and a fine vocal contribution from Susanna Claro.




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