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"Background" b/w
"Forget The Past"


DJ - October 2001

Botella & Berardi are back with their best track since "Free Soul" for Moody, but in a very different style. Gone are the filtered disco licks and in their place are deep thoughtful programmed grooves. "Background" is perfectly solid with spacey atmostpherics, and a driving bassline, but it's the flipside, "Forget The Past," which excites. More dancefloor paced, it maintains the warmth of "Background" but adds an energy not normally found on such emotive tracks. Perfect if you straddle the progressive divide. (JK)

Echoes - November 2001

Dark and pumping but funky at the same time. Techy deep-house with loads of atmosphere and movement.

Muzik - November 2001

Josh Wink's rejuvinated Ovum label has gone from strength to strength over the past year and these two releases are perfect samples of their brand of tough, electronic sould music. "Cosmetix" is the more driving of the two, with "Background" (cool chords and bubbling bottom end) and "Forget The Past" (classic wild pitch).





SNS Project "Give Us Hope"

Pete Moss "In Your Head"/ "What We Had"

Wink "Evil Acid"

G-Pal "Warning"/"Little Friends

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Modern Music
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