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DJ Dozia

Every city's club scene has its secret weapon. New York has Joe Claussell, Toronto has Freaky Flow and Sneak, San Fran has Mark Farina and Philadelphia has Dozia Blakey. You might not know him, but his music is familiar to DJs and club people worldwide. Tunes like the hypnotic 'Pop Kulture', the smoothness of 'Steal Away' or the deepness of 'Shape Shifter', has made him a household name in the industry. Dozia is currently working on many projects, most importantly his first full lenth album,due sometime in 2002, and of course still working on remixes and original tracks. He also expanded into television again for the 6th time in his career to work with Channel 12 in the States or known to some as the public broadcasting service, he is now working on another documentary entitled "The Mural" based on 3 philly artists doing wall art, due on TV in late July.


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