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Shlomi Aber

A1) Freakside (Original Mix)
B1) Freakside (Gel Abril Acid Rework)

Shlomi Aber has delivered his debut release on Ovum. Coming off his successful releases on Cocoon and Renaissance. Shlomi is one of the hottest producers of the moment and he has delivered a twelve inch that is totally Ovum. The Original Mix is is an absolute roller. Shlomi knows how to deliver the groove. He manipulates the percussion to creat a very cool rhythm that builds to a prime time climax that drops back into that infectious groove. On the B side Gel Abril brings in the 303 to give the track a twisted approach. The Acid mix is an absolute stormer ready to devistate any main room set! Gel Abril tweaks the acid line into perculating climax that drops back in to devistate any dance floor. This record is big!

Check out the Feedback

Ame “The original sounds useful ;-) Will check it in the club”

Anu Pillai (Freeform Five) “Great 6am track!”

Carlos Regueira (Yoshitoshi) “I like the original mix, dark with good drive”

Chris Fortier “The shlomi record is good too, can see using both mixes together easily” “Been playing out both mixes”

CJ Mackintosh “Loving the original mix”

Claude Von Stroke “Shlombi track is wicked!” “Absolutely the fucking tits!!! Amazing”

Clive Henry “The original is wicked. Not trying to be too clever production wise just a good solid club groove. Wish more trax I got sent were like this!”

D.Ramirez “Tune! All mixes rock! Tore Paris apart with this last week!”

Damian Wilson (CR2) “Love the Shlomi Aber – Freakside – that rocks – heard him play that at Renaissance in Miami – went off!”

Dan Kahuna “Yup.. it's reet good”

Dave Seaman “I'm a big fan of Shlomi's of course and this is another solid piece of work. I'll be supporting this - no doubt”

Demi “WOW - simply a fantastic package”

D’Julz “The slohmi aber track is huge. I’ve been tearing dance floors apart with this bomb for weeks.
Charted numero 1”


Disastronaught “Perfect adult electronic mayhem”

Fabrice Lig “Nice release. Really funky track. a floor filler for sure. Both mixes are great”

Fedde Le Grand “Shlomi Aber is for us as well, he’s the man to watch. This release shows again why!!!!”

Funk D’Void “Freakside rules! Fantastic”

Greg Churchill “This has been massive for me last few weekends. Top stuff from Ovum & Shlombi”

Harri (Sub Club) “Yeah, Im loving all tracks on this release”

Hector Romero – charted Shlomi #12

Hernan Cattaneo “Excellent stuff. Shlomi rocks”

James Talk “As if u need to be told how good this is, shlomi aber and ovum unite, this can only mean one thing, AMAZING, not too into the remix, but the original is so good, it doesn’t matter”

Jim Masters “Wicked track, jacking stuttery nonsense perfect for the dancefloor, both mixes work great with a wicked bassline, original probably just shades it for me. charted no 15”

Jimpster “Whooaa! The new Aber is sick! Loving all his stuff at the moment. What a groove! Just put it in my new chart which I think you’re on the list for? Also put it in my chart for Phonica homepage which should go up in the next week”

Joe T Vanelli “This year Shlomi Aber is one of best producer for sure! Big tune”

Jozif “Fukin amamzing!! 10/10 don’t know how this dude continues to do shit like this!! awesum!”

Justin Drake “Been playing the original mix. Nice balance of Bang/Deep. Really like it”

Kaskade “I like the shlomi aber original on this one”

Ken Fan “Shlomi track has proved to be useful in those naughty sort of parties at naughty times 8/10”

Kiko Navarro “the new Shlomi Aber is a Killer I played it last Friday at cocoon and the reaction was really good, also I played it at abraxas in mallorca and it kill them.

King Roc “This tune is huge and has been in all of my sets since I got it. Just makes me wanna dance!!! Big support for a long time from me”

Mark Knight “Been on this for a while amazing!!”

Mauro Picotto “It’s great, played in my set”

Mazi (Audio Soul Project/Gourmet) “Very funky and simple track...right up my alley. Will support this single fully and chart”

Mike Monday “Been hammering this - the acid rework”

Mutiny “Wicked Ovum release. Loving everything on the label at the moment. Another quality release alongside Davide Squillance and Winks own Swirl. LOVE IT ALL!”

Nic Fanciulli “Played this twice at circus last week. Amazing”

Nick Corelli (MYNC) “Original For me. Superb!!”

Rob (Mutiny) “Well for me Ovum is one of my favorite labels at the mo...deep”

Rune RK “Amazing track. Straight to number 1 here. I will support for ever”

Satoshi Tommie “Freakside is really freaky and rocking! Love it”

Scott Bradford (Shindig) “Shlomi aber really is the man of the moment. Both mixes are great”

Simon Baker (DDD/Infant) “Awesome!!! Love it. Right up my street”

Stanny Franssen “Great release!! Like both tracks, will be difficult to choose which one I’ll play during the set. I’ll think I just play them back to back and make a big megamix out of them! Another one for my top 10!

Stu Patterson (Faith) “Loving both mixes on this , will drop at the weekend”

Tom Stephan “Very cool. Think I prefer the acid mix” (Charted #9)

Tom Neville “Brilliant, groovy, fresh. I love it”

Will Saul “I am hammering this release – the original mix – have played it in every set since receiving it and people really love it. Simple idea that works so well. Cracking”

Yousef “Both great tracks, will play them a lot in my longer 5 hours sets”

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