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Pete Moss

In the intimate settings of the Paradise Café in Cambridge and Axis in Boston the house heads of the East Coast were introduced and quickly addicted to the alluring house sounds of the soft spoken but magnetic Pete Moss. Morning sets at legendary East Coast events such as the IT parties brought his soulful style of house out of the clubs and thereafter it seemed dawn could not break at a massive without him. As his popularity grew so did his desire to expand his sound and further define his own style through production, an expansion that has proved highly successful at drawing the world’s attention to his twist on house. A twist that has gained him global respect from press, labels, other Djs, but most importantly of the house aficionados that respected him for expanding the foundation of the music that is so dear to them.

Following his humble beginnings providing soundtracks for sunrises up and down the East Coast, Pete Moss settled himself down in Philly, a city with a warm reception to the soulful sounds of his selections. Having gathered gear along the way, he focused intently on production and gained encouragement and inspiration form the musical clan that existed there which included the likes of King Britt, Josh Wink, and the whole Ovum cast & crew . Pete’s early tracks were distinctive, a break from traditional house & garage but still deep house, heavier drums, a lot of manipulation on the vocals which were dubby and more worldly, an all around new and unique spin on the genre. His early works were landmark releases for labels such as Siesta, Earthtones, and his own Recline Records. His sound thrust these labels and his name into the limelight by coining a sound that not only did well in the house haven that is Europe, but also buttered up dance floors in the reluctant United States and was praised by every respected music mag in print. His present releases are staples for the community that no self respecting DJ would be caught without.

Prolific and hard working, Pete has served up a steady stream of music despite his hectic travel schedule that has taken him around the world more times than he can count. Somewhere between blowing minds at Ministry of Sound UK and shaking things up at Pacha ibiza, he managed to mix up a brilliant compilation CD for Dessous to be released in February 2003. Sometime between going deep at CentroFly NY and rockin’ out at Terraza in Barcelona he has amazingly finished an album for Alola UK and another slamin’ EP for Ovum also due out in early 2003. Not to mention he somehow manages to run his Philadelphia based record label while traveling everywhere from Hawaii to Portugal. A brilliant producer, an unforgettable DJ, and an industry leader behind a rising domestic label, who knows how he does it all, let’s just hope he doesn’t have any plans to leave us high and dry any time soon!

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