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"Flight LB 7475/El Gallo Negro"

Loco Dice

A1) Flight LB 7475
B1) El Gallo Negro

Loco Dice brings us the follow up to his breakout Ovum release “Jacuzzi Games/Menina Brasileira” . Since then Dice has been creating quite a buzz with his releases on Cocoon and Minus and his ongoing Tribehouse residency in Germany and Circo Loco Party at DC10 in Ibiza.
Dice returns with a rolling housey gem. The A Side "Flight LB 7475" is a tension filled groove. The synth driven track builds and builds as Dice does a masterful job layering various sounds and pads into a dance floor filler. This tracks will move any main floor! The B Side "El Gallo Negro" is a deeper affair, but still Dice once again shows his skill of creating tension and building the groove. This track is a perfect warm up track for the big room or a great peak time track for deep sets and the after hours. Once again Dice delivers a package that will work for all types of DJ's.

Club Comments

Alex Parsons (Brique Rouge) “Excellent tracks! Lush pads in Flight LB7475... Loving El Gayo Negro. Will definitely be using in earlier sets”

Ame (Sonar Kollektiv) “These two tracks are nice! Will play them next weekend ...”

Andy Mac (Skint) “Solid loco dice - a proper groove, works better for me than his minus releases”

Carlos Regueira (Yoshitoshi) “FLIGHT nice dark and twisted”

Chris Fortier “Wicked, wicked again”

Chris Woodward (Buzzin Fly) "Both lovely deep and driving, will be playing both for sure”

Clive Henry (DC10) “My african brother(long story!)is probably the most consistent producer out there for the last couple of years.He's on fire. Every track/remix is usually bang on.So hats off to him. Please dont tell him though as dont want his head getting big! hehheh.. “

CJ Mackintosh (City Loud) “Not usually into all this minimal stuff but Loco Dice seems to be doing some nice stuff. The Flight track is phat”

Cyril K (Dialect Recordings) “Two realy nice late tracks, with great sound and perfect vibe. I'll play both tracks. I didn't download it because Simon Says did it and we share the same iTune”

Decky Hedrock (Japanese Popstars) “Great productions”

D'Julz "I've been playing this one for a while now. I love Flight LB7475; already charted #4”

Dj Fex (robotroniklabel) “El Gayo Negro is a fantastic track will play it all this summer”

Demi “Looking forward to playing these tomorrow at GLOBAL & THE END - el gay negro - who is he? great dreamy engaging music for the floor”

DJ Wild “Cool tracks !! W!LD”

Dylan (Mutiny) “Really love this stuff. The slower one is cool and the other track has a real Ibiza feel to it. Good stuff”

El Harvo (Futureboogie/Seen) “Absolute corkers the pair of them!!! Well in”

Funk D’Void “Thanks for this! Feeling El Gayo more than the other one, shall be testing this out as it sounds promising (well you know me and schminimal ; )”

Grayon Shipley (Deepgroove) “2nd track is a late night beauty..”

Hernan Cattaneo “Wicked! The dice-man is on fire”

Hexacecimal (Spectrum) “Some really nice blippy sounds, nice sub, well produced and well controlled but quite my thing on the house scene. Flight FB7475 - Pretty mimimal but a very nice, smooth sounding tune”

James Priestley (Secretsundaze) “Just thought I would let you know I’m loving the new loco dice tracks on ovum you sent me. Played one of them at lovebox and sounded really cool and think I actually played both of them at secretsundaze on sunday. Will definitely be giving them full support, loving the deepness and simplicity”

James Talk (Saved) "Amazing as always from the best house label. El Gayo Negro is my fav of the 2 but both are amazing, full marks! 10/10”

Jimpster (Freerange) “Just checking the new Loco Dice now.... Killer!! He most certainly is on form at the moment. Nice, understated funky electronic house that definitely has enough energy to work the floor but keeps things deep and musical too.The A side track is the one for me. Will play it this weekend

John Acquaviva “This is a very nice...quality release. Gayo nero is my preferred track”

Luke Walker “Smooth techy goodness”

Marc Romboy (Systematic) “Im not the biggest fan of Dices and Martins releases on Minus and Cocoon but this one is fantastic. Great groove, catching atmosphere and Detroitish influences make this "Flight..." track a sure player for me”

Marcus Lambkin (Shit Robot/DFA) “Really nice, beautiful, both of them”

Mazi (Audio Soul Project/Gourmet) “Both tracks are timeless, a joy to use in a set and just plain good”

Nicolas Matar (Cielo, NYC) “Many thanks for send me the last Loco Dice record on Ovum...It's brilliant! Played it last week and it sounded great On Cielo's soundsystem”

Paolo Mojo “This is ok. Its not as good as seeing through shadows. It sounds like an older track thats been held out. Will probably give it a go in longer sets”

President Bongo “Yeah! This hits me! I like! :) full PS on these two!”

Ryan Shaw (Basics/Deep Down and Dirty) “Fucking massive”

Sasha Crnobrnja (Cosmic Rocker) “Cool... love both of the mixes”

Scott Bradford (Shindig) “I’m really into flight fb7475 will work as a warm up or mood change type track good stuff as usual”

Sean Brosnan (The Plug/Azuli) “Nice record, definitely will be playing El Gayo. Ovum are on fire at the moment”

Sean Miller (Lights Out) “Lovin the loco dice - el gayo”

Simon Baker (The Liptrick/2020/DDD) "Wicked...thanks for these...just listened to these and theyre right up my strasse"

Simon Morell (DDD). absoultley loving this just builds like a right f'ker !! played it all weekend !! right up my street deep, techy nonsense with lush keys,, keep um coming mr Dice!

Simon Says (Dialect) “Love the atmosphere on Flight LB7475. Remind me a lot from the good Get Physical with a US vibe in the construction. I will play”

Stanny Fransen “Another fine ovum release.Flight LB7475 gives me goose bumps. Reminds me on the good old detroit period, top!!”

Stel Alexander (Circus) “Fave track- flight fb. radio play:- yes wiil use as warm up tunes”

Steve Hitchell (Soultek) “Wow, what a stunning release! I have to say living up to Seeing Through Shadows on Richie Hawtin's highly prolific m-nus stable would be next to impossible but somehow he has achieved it! The Flight LB7475is massive, to the floor and echo'ing straight into your mind w/it's undeniable synth hooks and dreamy atmosphere's which leave you mezmerized by the end. An enchanting journey from start to finish, the best of what minimal has to offer, ace release. If your a fan of Ame's Rej or Mathew Jonson's Typerope this release is a must have! This release will be in every set this year and beat @ decibel festival, that's for sure!”

Stu Patterson (Faith) “Both tracks are ace”

TG (Four Twenty) “Its locodice! He does no wrong!! -lovely two tracks. Flight LB7475 is a real warm tune, dice's typical just enough stuff going on to keep it interesting-while retaining a hook. Definitely a tune that very nicely grows on you. El gayo negro is just as warm-not as grooving-but very deep and slightly ambient throughout”

Tim Hancock (Capoeira Twins) “Yup, loving this tune! A huge fat chocolate chunk of celestial disco. Gorgeous!”

Tom Stephan “Sounds like summer. Nice stuff”

Tomaz (Intenze/Intec) “Loco Dice is going strong with another winner. This is top notch!”

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