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Swirl/Have To Get Back (Vox Version)



A1: Swirl
B1: Have To Get Back (Vox Version)

Headline for the mail out is: Wink "Swirl/Have To Get Back" is released

Wink is back at it again with the highly anticpated follow up to "516 Acid". Finally available in full versions and on vinyl are "Swirl" and "Have To Get Back (Vox Version)". Swirl which had previously only been available on Wink's acclaimed compilations "Profound Sounds Volume 3" and "Sessions" is now available in its full unedited form. This thing is a monster and has been causing quite a stir since Ibiza. "Have To Get Back" had previously only been available in an instrumental form on the Min2Max compilation on Minus records. Now you have the opportunity to get the rare vox version of this twisted track! Both tracks are huge and getting the support of all the top jocks! Got get yours now at your local record store.

If you are looking for a digital version, you can find it at the following:

Here is the Feedback

Josh Wink ‘Swirl/Have To Get Back’ (Ovum) While Ovum has recently gone from strength to strength, its guiding force Josh Wink has lately been rather quiet on the production front since the flurry of studio activity that spawned his ‘20 to 20’ project back in 2004. ‘Swirl’, the long awaited follow up to ‘516 Acid’, is finally here and we pleased to say it was well worth the wait. Once again Josh has harnessed his peerless mastery of the 303 to create a dark acid soaked weapon that manages to be brain twisting head music and pure driving dancefloor dynamite all at once. The B-side features a vocal reworking of ‘Have To Get Back’, which was previously released on M-nus’ min2MAX compilation last summer.
Essential deep acid-soaked techno

Gavin Herlihy (Mixmag Big Tunes Page) “"The second tracks a belter" “Been playing it loads actually”

Zimbardo (Pillavin and Zimbardo) “Absolute quality.. not something i'd play, but you cant knock a good production regardless..”

Club Comments

Andy Cato (Groove Armada) “We love swirl @ pack up and dance really good track surprising and tricky as should be minimal music. Harpo”

Carlos Regueira (Yoshitoshi) “Both tracks are great!!! Josh wink.... need to say more? Swirl rocks!!”

Chris Carrier (Catwash) “Dope Stuff, as usual will play both side”

Chris Fortier “The king returns. Both are fantastic”

Claude Von Stroke “Got to Get back went over huge at DC10 @ The End on New Years Day. I love it. Old School with a modern twist. You think it’s going to be all deep and then the drums kick in. Wicked Josh!!”

David Duriez “Always good stuff from Wink, he's the man! "Swirl" all over for me! "Got to Get" hitting too much of the minimal territory for me to play”

D’Julz “Will chart Have to get back; super trippy track”

DJ Chloe “Good weird acid techno sound, I like it & will play it”

Fabrice Lig “Wink is that kind of guy who has a part of his brain dedicated to a music composition technique made to blow our mind! Ah! ah! And he knows how to use it!!! Swirl is really good! Wink is also one of the only guy I know who is able to use a 303 for 15 years and stay innovative and fresh!!! So, full support!”

Funk D’Void “Lovely and dark”

Hector Romero “Wink get's the nod! Really feeling 'Swirl' - will definitely rock out”

Hernan Cattaneo “Excellent!”

James Talk “Swirl is brilliant, wanted this track for ages since I heard it on the profound sounds 3 cd,! Love it!”

Jamie McHugh (Brique Rouge/Audio Theraphy/CR2) “Excellent package”

John Acquaviva “Have to get Back is excellent and I have had it and played it since the summer”

Jorge Jaramillo (Subliminal) “Amazing as expected!”

Jozif (Wrong/Jaded) “I love Swirl!”

Justin Robertson “Very it!”

Matthew Roberts (King Unique) “Love them both. "Swirl" is the fave tho, excellent wink stuff from wink. Ace”

Laurent Garnier “Wink as great as ever I have played Have To get Back during last week end in Japan and they went crazy for it. Now I have the other side I will play the hell out of both of them. Brilliant, super Wink stuff as always”

Lee Pattison (Deepgroove) “We have a very large soft spot for a bit of acid and this is very twisted indeed. Supporting to the full. Siya in the sweatbox."

Magik Johnson “Both mixes killing it for me. Swirl especially! Love the acid. These tracks sound huge out”

Mauro Picotto “Amazing tracks, full support!”

Mazi (Audio Soul Project/Gourmet) “I like and can use both tracks. This is Josh in rare form. In my December chart”

Mutiny “Love the Swirl track mate. Classic Wink on Minimal Acid trips!! Bring it on”

Phil Weeks (Robsoul) “Swirl is super dope thanks”

President Bongo “Since the dreads went off the Wink is unstoppable! Wicked track!”

Rui Da Silva “Excellent tracks, I love it”

Satoshi Tomiie “Got to get back.. Wow it blew me away”

Simon Baker (DDD/Infant/Liptrick) “Yeh great... swirl for me! Will play”

Simon Morell (DDD) “Proper dark shizzer! Love it... both tracks gonna be caining them all weekend, if no f'ker dances I will get on the floor my self I can tell thee!!!”

Stanny Franssen (BE-Genetic/G-Force) “Nice release. I like the way Josh blends his 303 with the minimal structure of the Swirl track. Have to get Back I like to. Another one for my chart”

Stuart Patterson (Faith) “Yes actually played it Chibuku @ Hebal Saturday, smashed it”

Tim Deluxe “Swirl the one for me. Great production as usual. Top stuff Josh”

Tom Stephan “Dirty-dark- and druggy. Perfect for the holidays! Good stuff. Will play both”

Yousef “Really like it. Wink by numbers but I love that 8/10”

Radio Plays
Rob Da Bank Radio 1
Annie Nightingale Radio 1
Mistrees De Funk Radio 1
Barry O’Donoghue Spin 103, Dublin
Dj Paulette Radio FG Paris
Mash XFM Scotland
Steve Parry Juice FM