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Tom Pooks

A1) Trouble (WiNK Edit)
B1) Trouble (D'julz Remix)

Digiatl Exclusive at Beatport
Tom Pooks & El Farouki Remix

Tom Pooks has delivered a monster of a record for his follow up on Ovum. Although the production is somewhat stripped down the result is a main room monster. Built around a Formula 1 race car sound a catchy vocal snippet this track will drive the floor nuts. It gradually grows and grows and Mr. Wink came in and added some of his tricks to make sure it truly devastates the crowd. D’julz loved the original so much he asked us if he could remix it. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Julz has built the track around the Formula 1 sample, but this track swings and grooves along. The bass comes in and drives the track. Again the production is stripped down, but the results are anything but that. He still gradually builds to a great peak, but the result is a rolling groove that will destroy any club. Both tracks should be monsters this summer!

Club Comments

Alex Jones “Winks is a bomb. Over”

Ame “Josh’s edit is a class of it's own ... great”

Chris Fortier “Both wink and djulz mixes cool. Always support”

Fabrice Lig “Mr Wink's edit is nice, really like it! My fav on the 12''

Harri (Sub Club) “Yes...Plus one on the wink edit....superb”

Hernan Cattaneo “Wink and djules are the mixes for me”

James Talk “This is one of those standout track which delivers hugely on the floor, the wink edit is a tantaslising taster of cool house music, coupled with psychodelic wailing”

James Zabelia “Love Pook's own remix. Fantastic”

Jerome Pacman “I enjoy it, really sly, specially the Djulz remix. I like also the effective wink edit. Nice tracks”

Jim Masters “Easy - #1 in my chart - wink creates a mentalpiece...”

Jozif (Wrong/Jaded) “F88kin brilliant!! All wicked... difficult 2know which 2choose full support 4/5”

King Roc “Ovum just don’t stop do they! Another great release. I like all the mixes which is slightly annoying because I will probably end up on one more than the others. Gut reaction is for Wink’s edit but personally I think Toms own remix is also on the money here. Trickly licky dicky!!!”

Laidback Luke “Really digging the Wink Edit, sounds totally like my cup of tea!”

Llorca “Not really into the original version, but I like the Djulz remix. He adds some funky spice to the track and builds a great progression. Good one”

Mazi (Audio Soul Project/Gourmet) “Another great Ovum release. My only problem is deciding which of the versions to play. Gonna try out all three at some point during the current tour....”

Michel De Hey “Here we go again, love the Wink edit. After the breaks it creates destruction on the dancefloor :-)”

Mike Monday “The Wink edit of this is awesome! Pooks as really starting to become one of my faves...”

Paolo Mojo “Pretty good.... Useful stuff and have been playing it”

Pete Heller “Josh's edit still the best for me”

President Bongo (Gus Gus) “Jaman! pookzzzzzzzz prezupport”

Rave Digga “Yup, really liked this one...Wink edit definitely my favourite...”

Rune RK “Wink edit for me. He knows what works for us fellow djs”

Satoshi Tomiie “Been playing D'julz mix for a while now. Tom's remix is on heavy rotation at the mo”

Simon Baker (Infant/DDD) “Been playing the Wink "EDIT" for a bit, its rocks ....I love it! It's in every set.
Now I will also be playing the D'julz remix too. Its also rocks”

Stuart Patterson “Loving this one.. actually can't make up my mind which mix I prefer so I’m playing them all..”

Tom Budden “Awesome stuff again. Loving the deep D'Julz one the most but the Wink one ain't too shabby either, in fact they're all good!”

Tommy Four Seven “Wink's edit and D'Julz's mixe are bang on the money for me, great release! Supporting!”

Wyatt Jenkins (Beatport) “Really outstanding work by the ovum crew. All 3 mixes will get played. I've heard the wink mix quite a few times already, including when Josh and I played together a little while ago. really effective”

Yousef “Love the wink edit, playing a lot”

James Mowbray (Heavy Industries Ltd) "Already go this from Jordan's number one fan in Philadelphia. Played it on Sunday night at Retox, went down a storm. J."

Luke Solomon “Liking This One A lot”

Christopher Bleckman “Wink Edit ist super”

Sebo K “nice one. My favorite is the D’julz version. Full Support”

Andrew Grant (DC10) “love the Wink edit”

Stephan Stephensen (pineapple records ehf) “I like it”

Laurent Garnier “Nice release as always on Ovum”

Shlomia Aber “"got this one from matt already , im playing the djulz and wink mixs for a wail now , another great release from my fav label "

Miss Kittin “i like the original mix its simple and effective”


Andy G (Electric Sex @ Eden): “Thanks for the latest batch of promos - absolutely LOVING the WINK edit of Taho - Hybrid....those strings make me feel special - right up my street! Wink's mix of Shambhalla spins off in a wicked eastern direction, then snaps back to the beat - really good warm up / blissed out business. D'Julz mix of Tom Pooks - Trouble sounds like cats on k. Lovely rolling vibe. Big things at the right time! Wink's re-rub pushes the right buttons too. Quality package of late night music - keep 'em coming!!!! Cheers, Andy”

Damian Lazarus: “just a quick one - im loving djulz's mix on tom pooks. so good i played it twice at watergate on saturday.”

Dave Piccioni (Azuli @ Space): “TOM POOKS IS BONKERS - LOVE IT.”

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